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REQUEST: Pokémon Black and White (U/E) Action Replay Codes


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A couple of requests and a fore-word I did search for the majority of these and the ones I found either did not work, or were for a different version of the game so these are the codes I've been unable to find and would love to have! Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me out

I need these for White US

1. An "Instant Text" code it takes FOREVER to get through dialog :( and the only working one I found froze when used in conjunction with

Speed Up Battle Messages

521ED09C D1034208

121ED09E 0000E003

D2000000 00000000

(This one works, but freezes if you turn it on with Instant Battle Text)

2. A code to cause Shaking Grass, Dirt, Shadows, Bubbles. I have one but it doesn't actually work (or is for a different version I'm not sure.. here it is)

Instant Shaking Grass/Dirt/Shadow/Bubbles, Press L while walking and they'll appear.

521AA8C0 1C211C30

121AA8CA 0000E019

94000130 FDFF0000

121AA8CA 000046C0

121AA8DC 00004298

D2000000 00000000

EDIT: This works, I just wasn't in an area with Shaking Grass when I tested it, I'm an idiot lol.

3. A code to multiply walking speed by 2 times (I found a similar code that doesn't actually make you walk faster but rather makes every button press move you 2 steps, I'm looking for a code like the similar speed modify for HG/SS that actually decreases the time it takes you to transition between blocks.

Edit: I found this for White,

Double Walking Speed

52197FE4 1C05210C

02197FE8 085F0056

D0000000 00000000

5201CFCC 20027801

0201CFDC 46C046C0

1201D094 0000D1C5

D0000000 00000000

Try this for instant text, works for me in Pokemon White :) i don't own this code all credits to the makers

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Okay, so I used the Random Wild Encounters code and it works perfectly, except for one thing. Whenever I enter a double wild battle, the random Pokemon are both the same instead of both being different. Is there any way for someone to change, fix, or make a new code that not only has random wild Pokemon in all locations, but also have both random Pokemon be different during a wild double battle? It should be possible since it's possible for both Pokemon in wild double battles to be different anyway when its the Pokemon that are normally on that route.

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Tried searching the forum and couldn't find the answer. Does anyone have a code for the recent Mewtwo distribution? I was under the impression it was going to last until this coming weekend and just found out a day or two ago that it already ended. Both Black and White would be preferred, but I'll take it for either game.


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Anyone have a code that will give you the three event pokemon all at Lvl. 5 and with the faithful encounter state? I want to start a new game using them but I can't seem to find a code like the one I described. If not is there a code out there that can modify the level of a pokemon you have?

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Is there a code that changes your First Game Clear data? More importantly the date you beat the game? If so, would anyone be willing to PM me how to do it? (Or just make the code. 3/15/11 is the date I'd like it to read in the Records).

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94000130 FCFF0000

B2000024 00000000

E000597C 00000088

BD00BC7A 80CA0000

CB000F8B 4259B7CB

3AA7D5D3 5E7E441D

CAD49F09 5B42A9F7

D0E6B360 5AB6D6AE

4425900E 31E428AA

4C573099 2A8B9B29

716D91B4 05EF0201

48978329 F9C6A3C3

2D574A28 E29D7800

196278EB 0C7F958F


8A0B3AC2 6DB94B70

22F6A01B B063CAE4

7FE0C460 3B4C3B6A

7E788C2A AF73EB37

DCA131F5 0B582F79

D2000000 00000000

Thats the code for Victini, press l + r to activate. Did not make it all credits to the makers

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I am looking for Codes for the following Wondercards for 5G they must be from the english ones, not the japanese events. I will enter the codes manually...

I DO NOT want the pokemon files, as I can RNG them myself to be flawless, I just need the AR codes, I can't get them from the PGF file as I lost my USB cable for the AR

anyway here's the wondercard codes I need: AND KEEP IN MIND MY L + R BUTTONS ARE BROKEN PLEASE!!!!

Spring Zekrom

VGC2012 Larvitar

VGC 2011 Scrafty

Movie 2011 Victini

Winter Darkrai

Thanks for help in advance

Hey, I found this code using sav, as the codes from gen would not work. Is this too long? will it crash my game?

94000130 FCFF0000 B2000024 00000000 E001D0BC 00000A94 E97E0000 31B05271 E2CC8E42 67DBAFC5 EF2CFC33 CAC5FC5E 993DEBD6 CBA77ABC 91785DD6 618D27A6 CFB81692 3080375D 48FB407C FEE73213 3D69DFA3 1D29639E 6296EA8D A3979268 6E031C49 AA8931AA C3EAD3C5 E0C682D9 4E3B945C 24285A5F BFE1FBB3 007F7B8E C84840C4 38B6BFD1 FB23903B BE347D23 706ADA00 BA84DFC5 60A1E414 8F382B2B 4160B6A0 F0091636 260EB54B 7B43B6A8 68EFF9CB 745FAFD4 E061C3BE 84F19895 246211BA A7C4CC80 A855B7A2 A2421C5C AD05863A B01911D2 4EE957FD 451BBA60 34A9172E 09662D93 A1E0112D 73C44274 F2232B0B A6542843 C042CB60 7169D662 3DCD8D5B A0B18793 7ED91119 F699B466 BE037D3A 79F040EC DCB589AF F9C9D1B0 A3A70BDC EBB67FE7 858FA9E5 07A046CA F41ACBCD B7F124D3 8F3403FF D3907F60 0DAE3470 9579B0CC 8F08B4F6 6AC05F17 EEA8EBE7 38106858 024D8097 3A35093C 6E70766F AF83390B EB9F9D95 D8C75092 E328EF60 8B96BAAD 4721135C 00FED699 A3DBF851 8FB5B5A4 CB079826 EDBF5A74 63B66CD5 517EC914 1806CFE7 5A5A5CBE 081BB2CB 6D0E2DE8 59C4ACF1 134B93A9 4776393B B90C4D06 230A5E25 E3B7F2FB 37C4ACAE 46DA83BE 4466BDD3 64A18BF6 1321C7EA 454C101E 18014F9B 79E344D1 28B199B0 F60BE643 53958C71 AC9812A5 A38A4C59 F42E8ADF 0F260DE5 922A4A7D 184330AF 8FC1AAE7 DFBEF7BA 3D6A85D4 B17C730F 08790B00 4CAD6E88 070C3D1C 6C5479EA 5E2A4A06 54065E39 E628323A 64F19448 B14E7387 FF1F908F 58BAAB05 32FCF840 33846245 0715139B DC237BCA 56211181 A80FF2B8 8945F047 F5A7E1CA B2941FCC 74530589 CBD430CE CAED2DBB 1D872578 405C5218 1228373E 4A813E43 F9B525ED 275708F7 816D63FD E455CA80 E3DAB429 7817466D 15110C41 D23C7C83 6F38D13E 059154F4 A349C096 F06EDBD1 F2141AD1 0760BFBC F18AE35C 260707E0 6237499D 8A413525 D9108F46 5D8842A0 416EFFEE 70983948 7B5ACDDD 0D544AEF 9A0AE826 02EAA86F 86AB1DFB 50348723 0B61233C 10610999 8A8B4A50 8DD4FF85 E64B0738 9F4BB0F7 5C448FE0 B34328D0 59A52DB8 2D9BB271 8B661483 FB777EB6 AED1D26E 8166A422 E644AD64 47C6EE5B 963481A0 096730D8 0E74F583 086F10D8 83B716A7 CD7C7A95 1D53B433 B50F35B9 1B470A70 EF274D10 587F939C D52C3D7F AD5511FE BA0E2035 F65A273A 98AE441F C3570CE5 447CEAA0 F28E425B 00601B81 BC4543D0 9FDDC426 F2849EA5 96739602 791CF6FD 9945584D 39EBD28F B6FCA0F3 195E3CBC 09EA28CF AF3797E3 68712F18 C7902FF4 B7A5A01B F01F6243 C430F32A 95BB6E9E C576F3D3 761E45A0 EEF8EA55 69ECE847 B3FDD74F CAF42CC4 A16EB6BA FAB4FC92 F201FE19 CD225FC9 4099C9EE DBA9E9B4 FCED6E6F 04715AA0 86675F79 99E38AF6 114EA3C4 066BF38C BA264758 E87F6737 6B568140 EAE0D1A4 790B807C DD1F0F67 175C143B D0633354 0EAEA349 3C68CD0D 525A26C5 70CB04DC 5D8C1C17 D683A0C2 7A6DA221 C5B246CF 578435B5 F39D90B4 8F59C146 BCF9C495 065AF3E1 D0684724 4302135D FD421AEB 2438BDD0 2A9700E8 99F44E45 BA740E5E 4427D8AC DD65CBE9 1BDCF112 9A3B31D3 8A9AB211 8E0F15A6 940DB68A A886DD02 F5E4FA90 685589AF 61FCD7A6 5C0772F6 36BD902D EAFD402B 59C41E17 AAB6F88E 18C238E0 C4503C54 34A3C6BF 2E4EFAFF 7AF22D17 BE9B3AF5 917B3433 58CEC650 D8317232 BCAFD0F3 85517140 B8FAEBDD 5FC80506 C662D9C1 BBD28363 4ED818D5 9DE3D45B 250C35E9 27C98D4F F0333CBC B4118B6E 900BD98A 43AAC16B BD1BFFE9 21C82C6F 693F2AD5 E20B2451 A4638A09 1CDF7B04 098EB08F 8E251F50 F822989A 7A1236C4 1D611092 7C57E2EB 1232E570 258225BD 11255E4C 0AA39958 08B4DD34 2B32EEEF 8DCBB93F D12F6902 728AA5E1 4F8AC4CF 05493B7F 42C54707 3BDC7545 37D8DFC5 4F173837 DD5499BB 8A943786 22CAC8AD 54B3CA24 EA6DAB23 B2E1859A 30F6735A CE1DB218 CFC7EB7B 3BB7EBCD 3D53290E 0E5B8578 EFBC03B0 F34E803F 45BD4304 DFF62CBF 19C9B7E7 139FC963 6374B4E7 717BB1F9 8B1199F4 76EAF481 539D6757 51FB5F48 7EDB8BE3 DC335C35 8FBF626B 7D8C2D63 4F101273 3BC05EEF F648C82A 79C68212 24BE7796 2B9C8571 03069F10 82473EB3 3897BCF3 5417F953 97AE6C90 C52F1EB8 A3725E64 F4444B82 54599F8C AFA46626 BEC9E478 767A8ABD 8001CADE 4A4FE018 153A46F2 14D4AA17 8108AFD3 A5DE2D3A E3061F47 8DB03778 E5B218AB 5780624F 2695AB24 E834621C FCA6831A 056CF6AB 40F09EE6 48C45111 FD719ACA 035A02BA 2645C821 D58DC9BD C10483D7 FF07CE77 1E67801A AAFE2657 0A31F551 BCB6AFF5 154BEE4C E0499C69 5E3123BD E3AA39DA 7B8C1AE7 9BE6D354 6D207B94 DAADB9DF B6E8D14C 3811CACC 0A7F2BC3 B48C0751 22C15292 77471158 B5B28029 2C99A193 A09DD804 C8CD4AD3 B2800C1D B3271E99 B8A7E5A1 9D2906ED B196A4E5 8A11E96F 4A2B6C9B CAA6E7AB 09032C40 F13450B0 CC1DBDD8 01D417E3 7CBD2ADD 62F0E510 1D934C74 520611C1 971B3AE1 E0AC27D2 E646403D BDD3B545 915A4265 4F4F8952 8715D835 DF96AEC2 CC187DF6 E3C7B77D 9A839D14 9DEE2D61 D7DB5B13 9F853C54 053463C3 F03EE99B 0D8B22B3 DCFF6C6D 96731FE2 B32D7BC3 B6F473BC EC2DA571 38AF8644 8D28027A C7468D8D BF0DDC9F B1FA7F6E E2DB1938 23946A75 A61F7D47 F4896A1B DBBC1ECA 7B58AA39 1CEA9750 FF362DBA 7680CBCF B0ED4C92 A6755DB4 4E011CEE ADA3193A D2143BAC B9CEF4FE DA8AA80D ABE576D3 A070A6A8 BE8791D2 AC99DFA2 10C751B5 AA092C1C 1933E765 FA97C6EB 4513EAD1 F1CDD48E 47EEE601 DA12765C DF517D6A 280ADCFC 0ED2C983 803C0E1A 1852B597 72F55157 B48377DD 126C7881 4FA976C5 C7277703 4EA42F94 069CFC9F A02DF232 D01B0759 1E5F8642 13EAA0B6 84790D73 68B13A26 FCE2B715 B3185CBD 8B6C18EE A3AEA029 D7DC414E 2F0C1CE0 1CA9D660 6439CD98 3E04D6C3 455093FB 4D18CF59 8660D49B FB929A5E 5692DE23 C363FBBB 97918FD0 C6C4AE9C 2725F31E AC7AB83F 1F21BCC5 FC5A140F 2F7FE8E6 C00F0CF1 76C8E681 6C1BD7DC 7CB9062A 551B43AE 33231FFC 354E923D 2112A4CD 8657CEAD 1C318EA2 B3413501 346CE465 66C47EF3 B5D6C4D5 79C62A07 64CD2CBD 46230ADD 585CEC68 61B1C1C6 16DF8053 057DE49A D8EDC124 A55BF1C8 16719EDA 7B9D60AE C21A5B46 0D22632A D6F4F7B9 E9912C71 1C57C9FF 2BE6D11E 43FF6C8B 7F2D148E C67C7DF3 AB8DB76A 21CCE39D EF881B84 5E4583BA A98150E6 FDB8AA73 157DE028 B8D38E62 232DE602 AEC6A844 A82B5421 EB29D1EB 72846B3D 661D6079 FF76C26A E2B0ADCA DA796FAF 4F85C532 E88325D4 8DB42767 23885B80 C1EED9C0 8A40CF82 93E534A0 482CFE6E FFEA252C 59D95D6B 9ED6D643 31666E4B 882EF4AF 1F4400DC 32810297 833D357D F6156E38 09B614F3 15C25FD4 7938D17C 721C72E9 D42C0525 4AD7CEA6 D2E58158 B267519A F9E383B8 97E6C4AE D0566431 8B3B4954 FAE01049 9F777700 3E9FE7BC 0F81DBD7 B069CE48 88F6D4A6 945986C4 414AF016 B18AAB77 3932511C 1E22D7A7 5245C4B6 C791D66F 1AE17ED3 3B1AEAD5 744BB292 7293851B 771979AF A968F955 39D4BF39 7DE50B3B 5DD82188 E2B36340 867FFF6E A4A340E2 1E7E24AC 88AAFE43 0F8EC9A7 462C38F9 504EDA5B E17CB421 6C67B88F 2AA347B9 6AF0ED4A 6460712F B7147D85 57705935 EEF2D621 560E62D6 BCC3831A F3BD97CE 1E4225FD 75448615 BE475F96 3CFA62BC 44B5A0EE B74385FC C0961774 00000000 00000000 D2000000 00000000

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Warp codes technically does not warp but rather just changes the current coordinates of the player where s/he had a last game save. there is an existing code that lets you go to liberty island however the code is not as compatible to ds compared to emulators.

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Is there anyway to get this code converted? I dont want an alternative to it, just this code specifically. or if nobody wants to fool with it, lead me to a tutorial or something so i can convert it my self. please and thanks =)

::Move Modifier, Select A Move on Move Screen Then Press(Left/Right/X/Y) to Modify Move

521D9970 60083190

E2002100 000000C0

2800482F 2080D006

4486309C A1202000

47706308 F034B5FE

21C3E81A 42080109

BDFED100 29006961

BDFED000 21011C28

FF40F1D3 F1D31C28

1C07FF05 31291C21

1C31780E 22003136

FF1EF015 F0331C03

0900EFFE D1012801

E00A3301 D1012802

E0063B01 D1012840

E0023310 D1002880

20013B10 210207C0

312F0209 3A011C1A

D9004282 428B2301

1C0BD900 1C1A1C38

31361C31 FEE6F015

21001C28 FF0AF1D3

F1D31C28 1C21FCE9

3E013129 2000700E

98077120 900730A4

20014679 BDFE6048

021DA974 FBC4F627

D0000000 00000000

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Warp codes technically does not warp but rather just changes the current coordinates of the player where s/he had a last game save. there is an existing code that lets you go to liberty island however the code is not as compatible to ds compared to emulators.

Well how about a code that can delete individual key items, see i done a cheat that got me a Kyurem holding the liberty pass that does not work when i took it from him. It went straight to my key items!

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hey does using the box marking code to turn a pokemon shiny make that pokemon illegal, because that is the only code i have used on my hydreigon and want to use it to battle over wifi, but i don't know if I could caught hacking if i do this. and btw i used the code after it hatched because every time i used it on an egg the game froze even though it was the only code i had on.

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if you want a legit shiny, try using pokegen. it's pretty easy to do, and you can do it on any pokemon. that is if your able to load your gamecart's save on your computer.

still anyone know where i can get the code i posted earlier converted? or how to do it?

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hey if i use that code to change natures by pressing L/R on the status screen on a pokemon would it work if i used an everstone to breed that nature into an egg or would it give it whatever nature it had before i changed it, because i had that problem trying to breed an eevee on heartgold and i don't know if would have the same problem with that code?

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there is no code for such thing.....you have to use the marking shiny code....just place the egg in PC and mark it...then save game and switch the code off and then take the marking away....breed the egg and voila......it´s a shiny whatever-you-want to breed! :D

sorry had to dig through to find this post after i found it i did what you said but once i did that the egg hatched a normal colored pokemon, although i would like to know if you mean to hatch the egg after unmarking it or to breed it after it hatches, i even double checked to make sure the code was right

could someone please post the original version so i can see if it works with that code, because my pokedex says that i caught a shiny zweilous and not a shiny deino or hydreigon

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Does anybody know of an Action Replay code for White Version that gives you the English (as in, with a Gamestop OT) Crown City Beasts/Celebi? I've only ever been able to find codes that give you the Pokemon with Japanese names and OTs.

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