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  1. well i'm just wonder how are the code i requested coming along? i'd like an update on the codes i requested, the sprite code mod code, is anyone working on it? or is it just being tossed aside like other ideas i've seen here. looks like there is favoritism towards some people over others,we asked nicely for the codes that would make us be happy to use. not everyone has the same taste in codes, and to not make the codes that people requested, or make them and not share them, that's just not fair. i'm just stating the facts. we each have our own views on things, no view is the same.
  2. well don't forget some people like me are looking for a sprite mod code like the one from hg/ss. and i tried the pokemon can learn any tm/hm code on my retail version white with an action replay, it doesn't work. one code that might be cool is being able to control what moves a pokemon can learn while leveling it up, so if you wanted a panpour or semipour to learn hydropump you could(that's just an idea)
  3. lt. surge i may not use a rom to play white but i agree that some codes need to be made for the sake of being able to either play a game while your recording something or to get though something without the annoying music distracting you from playing the game. if dsa and allykat want continue to not see it from our point of view before they start going on about how impossible or even crazy it sounds for certain codes, then there might actually be some really cool codes coming out that work on both rom and retail versions not just one and not the other. i see on some forums people ignoring code requests like to convert one, or even to make one, but come on it's a request forum it's here to give people what they want not to just ignore them waiting til they stop asking for it. that's just my thought on it
  4. @Lt. surge we both have codes that might take a long time to make, but it would be interesting to see a no music code(i know they must use the same music tracks for each game and it can get annoying to listen to), some codes should be made because of their usefulness or even for some of their unique effects(the personal favorite of hg/ss is the sprite code), some of the codes I've seen here don't work(thinking they only work on the ROM, which is kinda sad, because if they make a code it should also work for the reatail version) @dsa i respect that you actually own a copy of the game, and i agree it would be pointless for Nintendo to make it so someplace has to be filled just to get a gift. at least you know the difference between the union tower, and union room(OK so I've never made a trade using the gts before, but though what your saying the union tower sounds pointless, and if it pointless then why did they put it in there in the first place). @allykat don't assume that people are copying and pasting(i do know that it is annoying to find codes that don't work and that are copied and pasted from another site).well how can you say you don't care if you are making codes for people that actually buy the game and then find out that they only work on the roms(ever think about that?) i personal find roms a natural ground because they might allow a person to play the game and see the story but they are also bad because they don't allow you to trade Pokemon, if you had a code that makes the ROM allow you to trade with the retail version(or even another ROM) then maybe more people would download roms(personal i like the retail version better). dsa and allykat you both have your own views on things which i respect but you have to admit i make a valid explanation. Lt. surge i agree with you that they might have some attitude problems because it get's annoying to see a rageful response.
  5. well that comment about lead into gold is quite funny. dsa you are right that the union room not tower(that's the gts) was built on connecting players more easily. but it in regarding the gts(which you call the union tower) they don't use tower to describe it in game either they just call to the global trading station(no tower in there) I'm just stating a fact since i own a copy of white(retail us version, not some rom). you might register your location but that only accounts when you are using the gts not when you are using the union room. the c-gear(a thing in the rerail version that appear on the bottom screen) is another way to connect to a local player but it doesn't register the location just who is near you. oh and one question where is this so called tower in black and white? if it's the gts record as you say allykat, then it means that it's nothing more then a place for data not any actually trading going on in there. well short in regards to union rooms codes might be hard but it's not entirely impossible, it's just hard to do, it's only impossible if no one can do it or make them. just saying, you don't have to believe me it's just my point of view. everyone's point of view is different and not everyone's view is the same on a subject. on a side note, many people in history said something was impossible until someone proved them wrong.
  6. allykat i was a bit caught up in the moment when the ideas for the pass power codes and i realize now some of them are repeats of other codes.so thanks for pointing those out for me. the other codes such as the union room codes have never been made before which would give a whole new way of using the union room. well the over world sprite code is the main code I'm looking for as long as it works for both retail versions of black and white(and make certain to list the one before it so i know what works and what doesn't) i'd like it short as i said before thank you for helping me out with me with my request and to the person who is actually working on it i'm very grateful to you for taking on the challenge of making it. i always thank someone who helps me.
  7. well the code i was asking if was done or not was the overworld sprite code.
  8. well how are the codes i asked for coming along? it would be cool to see them finished. just curious and all.
  9. well it's been awhile. so how has finding the code i'm looking for doing? (or is it finished?) just curious and all.
  10. well thanks for explaining. i can get bit impatient sometimes(and it doesn't happen often). normally i just hang back and be overly quiet (not even making any comment what so ever). i may not be the only one looking for the code, but i may be wrong. there are a few other codes i'm looking for(after you find the overworld sprite code) pass power codes max black lvl and max white lvl pass powers never fade(meaning when you use it you don't lose it after the timer reaches zero) maybe being able to use the overworld sprite code in ethralink (if your in other person world you look like the sprite character you choose) oh yeah in the ethralink if you put a pokemon to sleep, you can encouter a pokemon it's dreaming about in the ethralink so there could be a catch any pokemon there as well( and the catch allows works, that makes it easy) union room code lady in room offer traded pokemon (like you can give her a pidove, and get a snivy in return, get any pokemon that way) kinda like the catch any pokemon code maybe being able to use the overworld sprite code in the union room (the hg/ss one doesn't really work) i think no one has cracked the traded pokemon code yet(where you and friend could trade pidoves and get another pokemon instead) general game codes all props( the pokemon musical is where you use them) some battle subway and pokemon institution codes would be nice trainers battle with a pokemon of your choise(like the catch any pokemon code) geez that's alot of codes. but i know they will be made so keep those fingers going, hope to see these codes made because they would be cool. i could come up with more codes that could be made if i wanted to, but you already have enough on your hands so i'll just wait
  11. well i've been asking for about two days already, and still no answer, please i'm begging you, i've been looking everywhere for the over world sprite code for black and white. i thought this page was a request page that when someone requested something there would be an answer and maybe even a code made for that person, but to me it seems like you are avoiding my request, for the overworld sprite code i'm requesting for someone to convert to black and white. a moto i go by: fight for whats right, and if there is unfairness fight it, and never back down for what you want, because if you back down how will you ever overcome something. i learned that from the pokemon series (tv show and video games)
  12. seems like no one wants to help me. i just want a code converted from heartgold/soulsilver to white and black if one of you just makes sure it works after you convert it to black and white (oh on a side note some of the hex values you put in might freeze your game, but others will work just fine.) oh if you can find this code all pass powers http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?5314-HG-SS-Character-Modifier-Values-COMPLETED thank you to who ever helps me. i'm asking very nicely,and it seems like everyone else is getting the codes they want. would you kindly help me. everyone has a choice, but each choice could be the the wrong choice but it could be the right choice.
  13. well any luck in finding the code i was looking for the overworld sprite code for black and white English version(i use a action replay) i'll wait as long as it takes for someone to find it
  14. well the code allows you to change the overworld sprite you put the hex value where the xxx are so if you put 2c6 where the xxx is you get lugia, and to find the page it would be "HG/SS charater modifier value complete"
  15. well I'm looking for someone to convert this code form pokemon heartgold/soulsilver to pokemon white and black, both are us versions, and please test it before you post it 62110DC0 00000000 B2110DC0 00000000 10025D90 00000XXX D2000000 00000000 this is where this code comes from http://projectpokemon.org/forums/sho...White+Codes%3F thank you to who ever helps me
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