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BW DW Event - Mamoswine


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There will be a special serial number in the 15th issue of Pokemon Fan magazine that goes on sale on Dec 15th.

You can enter this serial number on the PGL website between Dec 20th and April 20th (2011) in order to meet a Mamoswine in your Dream World.


As with other serial-number-activated events, the serial number can only be used once so those who wish to get the Mamoswine must actually have a legitimate serial number.

The Mamoswine will be at level 34 and have its Dream World ability, Thick Fat. As you probably know, Thick Fat will reduce damage to Mamoswine from Ice and Fire-type (which it is weak to) attacks.

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If someone can link me to a quick guide on how to set up Dream World and all the nonsense then I'll use my code and dump the Mamoswine for you guys.

i know its kinda long.. but it should definitely help you set up the dream world cause it is very precise!

here's the tutorial

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