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Lonely Bellsprout (Egg)


Weather Ball

Giga Drain




31/31/1/11/28/31 -- Steel 47

31/31/7/30/14/31 -- Ground 70 ♂ -- my recommendation if you're gonna fight with one of these

25/31/31/15/13/31 -- Dark 49

16/30/31/30/31/31 -- Grass 69 ♀ -- good breeding stock if you want to keep going

None of those are HP Fire, unfortunately, but I'm sick of breeding these. I came up with a sick Chlorophyll one with Ice 67 but that one's for elsewhere.

Next up is either Tangela, Stantler or Farfetch'd

i'm sure you're thrilled about all these high tier releases

be sure not to upload to pokegts directly from pokecheck or it'll show up as hacked

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The new region of PDW has made!

It is full of ghost and physic type of pokes.

Banette kindly contributed by Pingouin7 is among them.

In old regions, the three females are lacked in this thread, and my family kindly gave me them from

the English version of pokes.

If you find the female pokes lacked in this thread, please tell us.

Someone will find and contributes them!







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I recently found this website.. would like to thank everyone for contributing!!!! =)

Would like to make a request =) im looking for DW event starters.. seems hard to come by these days =( . If anyone can post some, it would greatly be appreciated =)

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There are only 3 generations(1st, 3rd, and 4th gen) of DW starters. None of those events have happened anywhere except Japan. But anyways, only 2 have been posted on this thread. Its not going to be easy to find the rest unfortunately.

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Thanx st4r, im currently working on getting more female spooky manor pokemon.

at the moment i only have houndour, but i will post it and others when i get them, probebly 2-3 days time.

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Thank you very much for replying me, st4r!

Please take your time fully and if have a chance, post your pokes, everyone.:smile:

I am now making a posted poke list of spooky manor with from each language.

Today I got a male Sableye and hope if Guested (thanks as always) takes into his (or her) collection.:rolleyes:







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Thanks a loooot for Spiritomb (F), dark chil.

I'm dying for it!

This is a list so far contributed.

Pokes and contributed No. here, #XXX, are shown.

Sorry hard to look at.

  Eng Frn Gmn Jpn etc.

No. Name F M F M F M F M F M

63 Abra             #215      

354 Banette* #210 - ? ? ? ?   - ? ?

436 Bronzor                    

358 Chimecho                    

96 Drowzee                    

355 Duskull                    

92 Gastly                    

228 Hondour #220                  

314 Illumise   -   -   -   -   -

303 Mawile                    

307 Meditite                    

52 Meowth                    

200 Misdreavus#213           #212 #212    

122 Mr. Mime                    

280 Ralts #213                  

479 Rotom #220                  

302 Sableye               #221    

353 Shuppet                    

235 Smeagle #213                  

238 Smoochum             #221      

167 Spinarak             #221      

442 Spiritomb #220                  

325 Spoink                    

434 Stunky                    

209 Sunbbull             #215      

313 Volbeat -   -   -   -   -  

202 Wobbuffet                    

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