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Shinnoh and hoenn starters were supplement of books or card games only one-time-use serial numbers.

Of course, we didn't like to read books nor play card games.:\

And it was worse, pokemons were randomly supplied and we could not select the favolite one.

And more worse, they were only males, therefore, DW abilities can't be inherited.

This is because we don't have legit starters to be able to share.

Instead, today I got a 'Famitsu' magazine and got Lucario with PDW ability of a Japanese

event ;)

(Magazines are much cheaper than books and card game sets.)

Please take him into your collection.



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ok, thanks

I have all pokemon caught and Spanish PGL event, if possible, I would like to edit. And contribute to the forum

forgive my English, but use a translator

randomspot555 edit: Please do not post links to free upload sites. If you are uploading a contribution, attach it directly to your post.

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Thank you very much for a excellent Lucario, aaaaaaaaaa_2007.:creep:

I kept him into my collection!

Now, we have two Lucarios in this thread.:D

Though I never battle with other people

but only a collector, nice pokemons make me happy

(of course, I buttle subway or tower in game).:)

Vicjor, you have done a great work!:grog:

Spanish pokemons make us nice-excited.

Please post them for us, but never in hurry.<3

Today, too, I didn't find new pokemons... sorry...:S

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Bad spell
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This is a transparent reply and no one can see it.:bidoof:

I must write this reply for other thread normally.

I am very much sorry, but I must borrow this thread for Thank-You Shamin from Japanese Pokemon Center.:smile:


He (or she) has been contributed us only legit pokemons.

I got more than one Thank-you Shamin from Pokemon Center Tokyo.

The three .zip (.pgf) is got from differenet cartridges.

Alas, did I write something?:confused:

No one can see this reply other than if Guested might judge that this reply is better transfer to other thread, and transferred without my comments.

--Japanese joke is like this.:tongue:

(I am very much sorry that my English is always ugly and no one can easily read it.)

Thank-you Shamin &.zip

Thank-you Shaimin.zip

Thank-you Shaimin.zip

Thank-you Shamin &.zip

Thank-you Shaimin.zip

Thank-you Shaimin.zip

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Thank you very much for Pokemons! :D

Great contribution! they are from Korea

Oh, we waited and waited Korean Pokemons, and now very happy <3

And Thank you very much for Lucario directly attatched to the post :D

Every .pkm is differ, therefore, all the .pkm is welcome!:D

I began to make a .zip with my data updated. I will make up it about 1 weeks.

(1) O.T. name Satoshi (サトシ) take back to the O.T. name which I originally named.

(2) Pokemons are summed up on the base of their living region.

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Thank you very much for encourage me, aaaaaaaaaa_2007 and everyone !:D

I am now collecting all the pokemons from PDW in this thread.

We have been working hard to get pokemons.:)

DW pokemons from Korea are fascinating to us:cool:

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