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  1. Ill try and get it here in australia and upload the wondercard, but i think it will be the same as the eu release.
  2. I would say that it's dead, it just that we either have most/all the Pokemon from each area, and we're just waiting to see if they release a new area so that we can get some new Pokemon.
  3. did you aquire them yourself, or did you get them in a trade, because if you got them yourself then please post them. and on another note im sorry i havn't posted any new pokemon lately, ive been caught up playing skyrim, and now that i finally got the platinum trophy i will try and get some more new pokemon to post here.
  4. Ok so im back with some more pokemon, Including the australian (cause im from australia) Mamoswine event. Absol (F)..pkm Mamoswine (M) Eve.pkm Mankey (F)..pkm Beldum..pkm Hippopotas (F)..pkm Cacnea (F)..pkm
  5. Ok so here are the pokemon i promised (including the female Mr. Mime) Spinda (F)..pkm Mr Mime (F)..pkm Makuhita (F)..pkm Skorupi (F)..pkm
  6. wow, something that i never thought would happen, HAPPENED! I got a female Mr Mime, so ill post her along with some more DW pokemon when i have some spare time to extract the data form my game.
  7. Right so ive finally been able to get some more rugged mountain pokemon. Bagon (f) Burmy (f) Larvitar (f) Magby (f) Magby (f)..pkm Burmy (f)..pkm Bagon (f)..pkm Larvitar (f)..pkm
  8. Sorry i havnt posted any new pokemon yet, ive been working on finding a stable browser to use PDW, but ive found one that works for the moment, so when i get some more rugged mountain pokemon ill post them here, but just as an enticment i currently have a female burmy and a female bagon just waiting to be uploaded, but they will have to wait until i get some more.
  9. Thanx Mask, no new spooky manor pokemon from me due to being unable to get access to dream world due to stupid browser flash stuffups, but i found a browser that i can connect to dream world for the moment, so hopefully when the new rugged mountain world gets added i shall be able to add some of those pokemon to that growing collection.
  10. Ok as promised here is the female smoochem that i promised plus 2 extra pokemon for you guys! Pokemon: Smoochem (F) Mawile (F) Bronzor Bronzor..pkm smoochum (F)..pkm Mawile (F)..pkm
  11. No problem mask, i should have a Smoochum (F) very soon, and hopefully something else nice to add to your collection.
  12. Sorry i havent been adding more spooky manor pokemon here for a while but i had some problems with dw and i couldnt access it for approx a week, then when i finally had access to it the chance of getting spooky manor was extremely low, but i finally got spooky manor last night before i got kicked out of dream world and here is the result Sableye (f) Sableye (F)..pkm
  13. Here are three NEW pokemon from Spooky Manor, 2 of which are some people may be looking for. Houndour (F) Rotom Spiritomb (F) Houndour (F)..pkm Spiritomb (F)..pkm Rotom..pkm
  14. Thanx st4r, im currently working on getting more female spooky manor pokemon. at the moment i only have houndour, but i will post it and others when i get them, probebly 2-3 days time.
  15. Here are three from the new spooky manor (all caught by me): Misdreavus (F) Ralts (F) Smeargle (F) Misdreavus (F)..pkm Smeargle (F)..pkm Ralts (F)..pkm
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