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Staff vs Members- Help us decide


What should we do for future forum games?  

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  1. 1. What should we do for future forum games?

    • Staff v Members 1/2 style
    • Staff v Members 3 style
    • Hit and Give Legendary Pokemon
    • Hard Counters (We haven't tried this before)
    • Find the Error
    • Other

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As the last three games are now complete, we have three different ideas to base future rounds or games on.

For Staff v Members 1,2, and 3, see their threads for more information.

Hit and Give Legendary Pokemon also has a thread, but is older. Every pokemon has x lives, and you can give lives to your favorites and take away lives from the ones you dislike.

Hard Counters is a game where you must make a pokemon set (you can use B/W stuff as well) that can destroy the previous poster's set. You cannot repeat sets!

In Find the Error, users are divided based on the first letter of their usernames. You must post a sentence with an error (grammatically or a falsehood) and find the previous poster's error.

If you pick 'Other,' remember to specify IN YOUR POST what you think we should do!

Remember, you can vote for more than one option!

Vote for your top two choices!

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Staff vs Members IV: Guest Which Pokemon Is That!

There will be 2 Groups: Group A and Group B

Each Turn, a Staff/Member of there Group has to give out a Specific Question with a Specific Hint. Each Staff/Member of that group has to try to figure out which Pokemon it is. The Staff/Member's Turn is chosen Alphabetically.

Each Staff/Member in there Group has 1 Chance to answer correctly. Each time a Staff/Member answers correctly, he or she wins Plus 1 to there Score. Each time a Staff/Member answers incorrectly, he or she loses Negative 1 to there Score.

Group A Goal: Try to earn 100 to the Score.

Group B Goal: Try to earn 100 to the Score.

Each Staff is put into Group A and each Member is put in Group B.

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Screw hard counters... eventually you're going to run out of ideas, especially if you cannot repeat sets (although overspecializing sets are fun). Also, I don't believe in hard counters... I mean, even Arcanine can beat most if not all Gyarados if you play it properly... and not everybody are really competitive players so I don't believe it will be as productive. (I have a feeling Bowser EX will spam Reshiram sets to "counter" everything... thinking it will counter everything)...

We could repeat a concept done in Pokemon xD: The next Pokemon posted should have a type advantage against the former Pokemon (but then again, Hoppip can beat Hoppip then... because Flying beats Grass)... though rules like "use only basic form Pokemon until post X where you can use second forms" and stuff like that can work... I don't know really. Games need an object... just stick with the regular get to 100 games... :/

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I like the find the errors one personally... Yes, I am that dorky. :P

Another game I like is "two truths and a lie." I used to play that in my old Psych' class. Though, I don't know how well that would translate to forums.

I guess that could work much the same as Staff Vs Members. Someone posts their two truths and a lie, if the next poster finds the lie, they +/- their status worth (badge + 2, Member + 1, staff - 5) but if they get it wrong then the inverse happens (Badge - 2, Member - 1, staff + 5)

Goal being to get to 100 on one side or the other.


OP: I have a cat, I have a dog, I had a snake.


... Though, in psych' we looked for lies... It's hard to pick up on a lie on a forum, as there's really no base to go by or anything like that. Meh, could work.

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I vote for doing this, also from GoD

Given the following Double battle scenario:


Salamence @ Choice Specs - 100% HP

252 SPA / 252 SPE / 4 DEF




-Scary Face

Dusclops @ Lum Berry - 90% HP

Rash Nature

252 SPA / 252 HP / 4 DEF

-Ice Beam

-Shadow Ball


-Pain Split

Salamence @ Life Orb 30% HP

Adamant Nature

252 ATK / 252 SPE / 4 HP



-Fire Fang

-Stone Edge

Jirachi @ Choice Scarf - 60% HP

Timid Nature

252 ATK / 252 SPE / 4 DEF

-Iron Head



-Ice Punch


Wobbuffett @ Leftovers - 100% HP



-Mirror Coat

-Destiny Bond

Houndoom @ Life Orb - 100% HP

-Fire Blast

-Dark Pulse

-Sludge Bomb

-Hidden Power Grass

Aggron @ Life Orb - 40% HP


-Head Smash

-Stone Edge


Seviper @ Leftovers - 75% HP

-Sludge Bomb




Magnezone @ Leftovers - 65% HP

-Hidden Power Ice


-Flash Cannon

-Magnet Rise

You are Side 1. Defeat your opponent in 4 turns or less.

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