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Legendary Pokémon Hit & Give Game

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Punch Palkia IN THE FACE.

And that vid was funny... Hmm, I'll post part of the Gary Oak thing in a spoiler. And censor it. O.o

You have just been rewarded with your Masters Degree in Cancer Research. In ten minutes you are going to have an interview to get the job of a lifetime with a six digit salary. You'll be able to pay off your student loans no problem. You flip on the TV right before you leave and what do you see? GARY M!&%#)!@$*ING OAK has just found the cure for cancer.

You're training on Route 22 for Brock's Gym, your Pokemon are tired, and who do you see? GARY M!&%#)!@$*ING OAK.

You have just fended off a shark, you are bloody and tired but you can climb onto the boat when who shows up to stomp your fingers? GARY M!&%#)!@$*ING OAK.

You're walking home at night and a random person attacks you with a knife. You are able to drive him off using years of karate lessons, still sustaining some deep knife wounds. Guess who shows up and asks you for your wallet with a baseball bat? GARY M!&%#)!@$*ING OAK, that's who.

Gary Oak just finished owning your ass with kung-fu. He's walking to the hospital to recover from the wounds he got. He's tired. He crashes into a mirror, and ends up in a coma. Why? Because not even GARY M!&%#)!@$*ING OAK is safe from GARY M!&%#)!@$*ING OAK.

And I'm off for the night, it's late. >.<

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