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black / white Pokémon Black and White Translation Project v2


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All in my Fork :D

Please remember: I have a new fork with the name "Rykin122".

Also, I have posted a note on a commit.

It is about file 0168. Please read this one not the old one.

Be sure to remove [2] and [9] before the actual lines.

Yes I plan on making these changes as well thanks!

Also going to go out for a late lunch soon and then later tonight I'll grab both gits and push out v1

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Hey Kaarosu in my fork for the story translation, I have two files that are good to go. 0097 and 0438. Is there time to put them into the v1 patch?



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What card / micro sd are you using

All of the above was tested on an original DSTT cartridge, with an authentic SanDisk 2GB MicroSD card. I have not tested MicroSDHC, and have had a lot of trouble with fake Kingstons in the past. Buy authentic, there's a lot less risk of losing all your save games. Backup regularly.

My guide was made using R4i SDHC running TTDS Menu to load YSMenu to load Pokemon Black/White, using a 4gb MicroSDHC. The guide work on any dstt clone, assuming that it can run YSMenu/TTDS Menu (which is supposed to work on any dstt clone).

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Fantastic work guys.


Hope that pokemon center text wasn't too much of a pain, I'd have gone over it myself but I've never used the union rooms and wifi etc so I didn't even know what it should end up looking like.

Also; could someone please help the italians with actually MAKING their patch? They've just been getting ignored in here and I feel kinda bad for them. lol

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