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  1. When you hatch an egg it says "Rather an Egg EXAMPLE is born!" is that right? lol
  2. Beta testing is over anyways. These are official patchs, which is why they're named "v1 - v2" ect
  3. Here's an error Every random battle, the game will stop playing. Like the top screen will be blue and say some japaneese writing and the touch screen is black with no words. The battles are in the Battle Subway. Disregard this if this error has already been posted..
  4. I'm using an emu and rom. Am I able to use Global Link (which is opening later today) and wifi and all other stuff with the patches on this thread? Also I don't have a router..but considering this is on my comp...
  5. Forreal. Event items are the main reason I use AR
  6. Request : Code for all the event items. I haven't found any on Google
  7. lol Chill. It's just a simple question. I'd rather it be answered by the people who are translating everything as well
  8. Are you guys gonna translate Grey Version (or whatever the next version for the isshun region is gonna be)
  9. Story for pokemon is the same. Get the badges, beat the evil team and defeat the elite four. We're focusing on it now, which is why this topic is flooded with translations lol
  10. It is important. But at least we can play it better with the moves, pokemon, items and locations translated first. That was our first priority. Now we're getting to the story.
  11. What exactly is everyone working on now? If it's the story, then I'm guessing everything for the V1 's original goals are done lol
  12. Did they translate the attacks to their english names? I can't tell because it's not on the known issues lol
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