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Pokemon Black & White AR Codes? [Jp]


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hey does anyone know a working view ev/iv code for dsume? if u do can u please post it. this code here freezes the game on dsume

537FBEEC E7921005

E380C400 00000078

021D9200 1C38D10D

E51F0010 E5900000

E51F1014 E1500001

1A000013 E3A00301

E5900130 E3A010A0

E3100C01 03A01046

E3100C02 03A0100D

E51F0040 E5C01DA8

E5C01DFE E2811001

E5C01E5E E2811001

E5C01EBE E2811001

E5C01FDE E2811001

E5C01F1E E2811001

E5C01F7E E7921005


037FBEEC EA004145

D0000000 00000000

521D4220 1C286809

E2002000 00000020

E5951058 E3510001

112FFF1E E3100FC2

13A01000 15851058

128EE006 E12FFF1E

021D5224 EEECF62C

D0000000 00000000

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just wondering if there is a rebattle pokemon code. Like rebattle victini or rebattle Reshiram/Zekrom code?

Also i use cheat code editor. How come i cant open a usrcheat.dat file that has been used? When i make a file it is only 17kb.

When it is used on the r4i it is 7585kb? Why is this??

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oi yoi yoi Ive been at this for a bit now and I cant get the Liberty Ticket event to trigger for me even though I used the PokesavBW editor to edit the wonder card into my sav (using desmune btw) and I cant enable the event using the editor because the event button is grey'd out =/

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Are you using PokesavBW v0.06c?

If you use the Liberty Ticket.pgf I posted a few pages back, you must save it as a new Liberty Ticket.pgf.

Each B/W Wi-fi Event differs from each Trainer's Mac Address.

ah right, so I saved it as a new liberty ticket.pgf now what do I do?

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After saving the Liberty Ticket.pgf, try to do the Event.

Edit: Nevermind got it working, turns out I needed to have recipient is OT unticked and the Wonder Card ID's box filled with the card ID before it would work as shown in the picture bellow


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For the liberty ticket code it isnt working. I think it is because the code is so long. I was just wondering if it could be as short as the azure flute for aceus darkrai, shaymin, and manaphy in d/p/pl?

Also here is a useful code

Everywhere is Computer (Start) Black:

52188EF0 B086B570

E2002240 00000030

F033B50E 2170EF78

D00A2808 E006981F

F033B50E 219EEF70

D0022808 07C09822

2027BD0E 306A0200

18529A03 BD0E9203

12189EDA 0000F678

12189EDC 0000F9B9

1218A41E 0000F677

1218A420 0000FF0F

D0000000 00000000


52188F10 B086B570

E2002240 00000030

F033B50E 2170EF84

D00A2808 E006981F

F033B50E 219EEF7C

D0022808 07C09822

2027BD0E 306A0200

18529A03 BD0E9203

12189EFA 0000F678

12189EFC 0000F9A9

1218A43E 0000F677

1218A440 0000FEFF

D0000000 00000000

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For the Liberty Ticket code, it can't be any shorter than what I posted.

The Liberty Ticket code I posted was created with Nigoli's Liberty Ticket Present.pgf using BWPokesav v0.06c.

However, you can Copy and Paste the code instead of typing it.

heres your answer to it being shorter

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thanks i was waiting to go to the 8th gym because i wanted the story to be translated instead of just guessing what there saying

wrong topic xD Delete xD

Ok on topic zork no wonder it didnt work about a month ago when i had the liberty ticket and wanted to make the code! I didnt have those checked off

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::Liberty Ticket Victini: Press Select

:Pick up via Box 1

:Replaces your 1st Pokemon


94000130 FFFB0000

02234814 7942EF72

02234818 852E0000

0223481C 5C87D833

02234820 56B3BC7C

02234824 91E7AFB1

02234828 06A5477C

0223482C A963C4F3

02234830 5C029059

02234834 412F6EE6

02234838 7A42DDB8

0223483C 9AB58ACA

02234840 F5BA51E4

02234844 CFA21940

02234848 22A289E7

0223484C 097609E7

02234850 4CA52BEF

02234854 A4074CBE

02234858 1018546F

0223485C 7E031EF4

02234860 2D239B94

02234864 92EAA3DC

02234868 A7F87C44

0223486C AD2532A1

02234870 F7698182

02234874 0CD175EE

02234878 C11B3570

0223487C BE5A79D6

02234880 BAA7B469

02234884 42AE3893

02234888 D15F15F6

0223488C 933DA54A

02234890 D1976A4B

02234894 8B80D172

02234898 25259C55

0223489C D4212AA1

022348A0 0CA62149

022348A4 50178301

022348A8 3B575A7A

022348AC 064893DC

022348B0 5131D5E9

022348B4 C9E0FE00

022348B8 60E509DD

022348BC 392A8A4E

022348C0 7FAC9F58

022348C4 F1741530

022348C8 9AC267BC

022348CC 589A814E

022348D0 6E1ACAB4

022348D4 2141E5DA

022348D8 5F150189

022348DC ED3C6C08

022348E0 3F90B3B3

022348E4 B2328FBD

022348E8 3D23C8B3

022348EC C47DB786

0221BE0C 7942EF72

0221BE10 852E0000

0221BE14 5C87D833

0221BE18 56B3BC7C

0221BE1C 91E7AFB1

0221BE20 06A5477C

0221BE24 A963C4F3

0221BE28 5C029059

0221BE2C 412F6EE6

0221BE30 7A42DDB8

0221BE34 9AB58ACA

0221BE38 F5BA51E4

0221BE3C CFA21940

0221BE40 22A289E7

0221BE44 097609E7

0221BE48 4CA52BEF

0221BE4C A4074CBE

0221BE50 1018546F

0221BE54 7E031EF4

0221BE58 2D239B94

0221BE5C 92EAA3DC

0221BE60 A7F87C44

0221BE64 AD2532A1

0221BE68 F7698182

0221BE6C 0CD175EE

0221BE70 C11B3570

0221BE74 BE5A79D6

0221BE78 BAA7B469

0221BE7C 42AE3893

0221BE80 D15F15F6

0221BE84 933DA54A

0221BE88 D1976A4B

0221BE8C 8B80D172

0221BE90 25259C55

D2000000 00000000


94000130 FFFB0000

02234834 7942EF72

02234838 852E0000

0223483C 5C87D833

02234840 56B3BC7C

02234844 91E7AFB1

02234848 06A5477C

0223484C A963C4F3

02234850 5C029059

02234854 412F6EE6

02234858 7A42DDB8

0223485C 9AB58ACA

02234860 F5BA51E4

02234864 CFA21940

02234868 22A289E7

0223486C 097609E7

02234870 4CA52BEF

02234874 A4074CBE

02234878 1018546F

0223487C 7E031EF4

02234880 2D239B94

02234884 92EAA3DC

02234888 A7F87C44

0223488C AD2532A1

02234890 F7698182

02234894 0CD175EE

02234898 C11B3570

0223489C BE5A79D6

022348A0 BAA7B469

022348A4 42AE3893

022348A8 D15F15F6

022348AC 933DA54A

022348B0 D1976A4B

022348B4 8B80D172

022348B8 25259C55

022348BC D4212AA1

022348C0 0CA62149

022348C4 50178301

022348C8 3B575A7A

022348CC 064893DC

022348D0 5131D5E9

022348D4 C9E0FE00

022348D8 60E509DD

022348DC 392A8A4E

022348E0 7FAC9F58

022348E4 F1741530

022348E8 9AC267BC

022348EC 589A814E

022348F0 6E1ACAB4

022348F4 2141E5DA

022348F8 5F150189

022348FC ED3C6C08

02234900 3F90B3B3

02234904 B2328FBD

02234908 3D23C8B3

0223490C C47DB786

0221BE2C 7942EF72

0221BE30 852E0000

0221BE34 5C87D833

0221BE38 56B3BC7C

0221BE3C 91E7AFB1

0221BE40 06A5477C

0221BE44 A963C4F3

0221BE48 5C029059

0221BE4C 412F6EE6

0221BE50 7A42DDB8

0221BE54 9AB58ACA

0221BE58 F5BA51E4

0221BE5C CFA21940

0221BE60 22A289E7

0221BE64 097609E7

0221BE68 4CA52BEF

0221BE6C A4074CBE

0221BE70 1018546F

0221BE74 7E031EF4

0221BE78 2D239B94

0221BE7C 92EAA3DC

0221BE80 A7F87C44

0221BE84 AD2532A1

0221BE88 F7698182

0221BE8C 0CD175EE

0221BE90 C11B3570

0221BE94 BE5A79D6

0221BE98 BAA7B469

0221BE9C 42AE3893

0221BEA0 D15F15F6

0221BEA4 933DA54A

0221BEA8 D1976A4B

0221BEAC 8B80D172

0221BEB0 25259C55

D2000000 00000000





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