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Pokemon Black & White AR Codes? [Jp]


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-As for re-battle/Event-trigger codes, I have looked and looked and found NONE that really worked. Sadly, it's thus far been just a waste of space to ask for them. If you want them, try more searching and good luck. Heck, I've been looking for these since I beat the game (back in October, so yeah, I've been looking a while). The one I want is to re-trigger the events for going to N's Castle! >_<

So far, the only "Event" codes I've seen work (as in, done successfully myself) are NONE. Not one has ever worked. I have, on the other hand, used PokeGen to make exact duplicates (unless they have a pre-set PID...?). I'd rather have event-proper ones, but... T_T

Same goes for Victory Island. Every code I've tried for it for my Black (I'm not gonna reset my White just to test that) has successfully failed. (funny huh? -_-; )

-You want specific IV's? Simple advice: Use PokeGen. Seriously, if you're gonna mod it anyway, just go the whole way and make it completely how you want it. You could look for a code to do that, but... it's just not as efficient/safe to mod an existing Pokemon.

Edit: Sorry, never mind if you saw that code. I've re-checked it... and it has Shiny Victini/Zekrom/Reshiram, which ALSO result in being blocked. GAH! Well, I'll keep trying for a good code. T_T

Anyone that could help would be much appreciated!

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Is there a code to allow you to put a Pokemon in your High Link? I want to put some of the Japanese events (Mamo, Togekiss, starters) in there to make them as real as possible, but I haven't found a code anywhere.

Also, I can't get the Secret ID code to work with my retail White cart, is there a new code that will work or something?

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I haven't found any code to put Pokemon into the High Link Forest. And really, there's no point. If you're going to cheat for them, just use PokeGen (easily found, on this site, where it is developed and updated, thanks to Codr). If you want to catch them in the High Link, then do it the right way, from start to finish.

Secret ID? What for? Use PokeGen for custom Pokemon. Why have their Secret/visible ID's the same as your regular? It makes them look more legal if they look as though they "were" traded/Shifted. It's not like you need to rename them later (and if you did, there's a code that allows renaming any Pokemon).

Ok, edited version, AWESOME update!

Codr has updated PokeGen to produce Pokedex codes that are still fully customizable AND will work on a regular ARDSi!!! So, if you want to set your Pokedex to be as fully-legally-possible as you want, with any quirks you desire, go ahead and hop over to the download link on this site.

A note: This code WILL work on any ARDSi that can use codes for B/W (has recent firmware). I don't know about ARDS (basic).

Known issue:

For some reason, currently unknown to me, it is rather difficult/tricky to get it ONTO the ARDSi, via the ARDSi Manager program. The difficulty is that most times that you copy it over, the code will be blank or a duplicate of another code on the ARDSi (the one in the Manager's saved data will remain unchanged). After various things, such as resetting the ARDSi, copying just one code, copying several, copying several then it, in any order, it suddenly did transfer correctly.

Legal Pokedex Specifics:

-Pokemon #001-#646 are allowed.

-Keldeo, Meloetta, or Genosect in the Dex will block Dream World, having not yet been released, and are thus NOT allowed.

-All Pokemon's Forms/non-Shiny/Shiny

--However, you should NOT have the Shiny forms for:

---Gen. I-IV: Celebi, Jirachi, Arceus (who are ONLY available via special event)

---Gen. V: Victini, Zekrom, or Reshiram (who have special coding PREVENTING legally seeing them in their Shiny form.)

-Whatever International Pokedex Entries you want available. Obviously, this doesn't currently apply for Pokemon past #493, since the B/W Pokemon don't currently have coding for those.

Lastly, a question: Why is this thread not Stickied, but the English-B/W Codes one is? Is it discrimination? Really, not trying to be offensive (I'm sure I am though... sorry.) but it is really weird, and seems rather unfair. Or... am I just not getting how something is Stickied? Like, it's only Sticky if it gets X-many posts per day? Sorry if that's what it is... -_-;

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I attempted to use the following code, but it did not work! Part of my problem may be with the button command; it says to press the L, R, or Start buttons in order to see EV's, IV's, or Stats respectively, but i am unsure when I am supposed to press the buttons for any code! Codes often come with button commands, but I never know when to press them. Can someone please clarify this for me?

I have Pokemon White and this is the code to let you see EV's/IV's on Pokemon White-

::View IV/EV in Status (L for EV, R for IV, Start for normal)

"537FBEEC E7921005

E380C400 00000078

021D9220 1C38D10D

E51F0010 E5900000

E51F1014 E1500001

1A000013 E3A00301

E5900130 E3A010A0

E3100C01 03A01046

E3100C02 03A0100D

E51F0040 E5C01DA8

E5C01DFE E2811001

E5C01E5E E2811001

E5C01EBE E2811001

E5C01FDE E2811001

E5C01F1E E2811001

E5C01F7E E7921005


037FBEEC EA004145

D0000000 00000000

521D4240 1C286809

E2002000 00000020

E5951058 E3510001

112FFF1E E3100FC2

13A01000 15851058

128EE006 E12FFF1E

021D5244 EEDCF62C

D0000000 00000000"

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That's the wrong code. Remember that Black/White have different codes for the same effects, just like Japanese/English versions use different codes.

The one you were trying was for Japanese Black version.

Here's the correct one, for Japanese White version:

View EV's[L] / IV's[R] / Stats[start] in Status Screen

537fbeec e7921005

e380c400 00000078

021d9220 1c38d10d

e51f0010 e5900000

e51f1014 e1500001

1a000013 e3a00301

e5900130 e3a010a0

e3100c01 03a01046

e3100c02 03a0100d

e51f0040 e5c01da8

e5c01dfe e2811001

e5c01e5e e2811001

e5c01ebe e2811001

e5c01fde e2811001

e5c01f1e e2811001

e5c01f7e e7921005

eaffbe9e e1a00000

037fbeec ea004145

d0000000 00000000

521d4240 1c286809

e2002000 00000020

e5951058 e3510001

112fff1e e3100fc2

13a01000 15851058

128ee006 e12fff1e

021d5244 eedcf62c

d0000000 00000000

There really needs to be a correct depository of all the tested & working codes for each game... these threads are getting WAY too long, with too little useful info. As far as codes that are of any serious real use, I'm pretty sure that my lists cover all of them fully (especially if use add using PokeGen, since that alone covers most things you'd want to cheat for).

Where would be the best place/layout for those codes, I wonder... (Cheat sites are almost TOTALLY USELESS for codes lately. Sigh.)

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Is there any riolu or mew codes for black? Ive found a few but none work. Or a shaymin with the gracidea flower.

Also i havent been able to find a working meloetta and keldeo event code. ive looked through alot of the pages here and havent found any.

Please help me. :)

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Mew or Riolu? Just use the Wild Mod code! Or Pokegen, so you can have you dream Pokemon (if you make it right, which is easy, if you intend it to be 'legal'). People don't make species-specific codes anymore, not since Gen III.

Shaymin doesn't ever come with the Glacidea Flower, which is a Key Item (and thus can't be held). You show a LEGAL (in other words, one with the Event-tag in it's hidden data) to a specific NPC and she gives you the flower.

Or, for any of those, you could easily find someone who has them and are willing to trade. For example, while I don't do it often ver the 'net, I am a collector & distributor of Legal Event/Legendary/hard-to-get Pokemon, as much as I can. I prefer local, since I'm lazy, but I'm not picky about what I get. Either way, there are entire forums dedicated to the trading of Pokemon, so you shouldn't have much difficulty getting what you want there. (I recommend either Serebii or PsyPoke for their trading forums.)

You should check about events before asking for them. See Serebii.net/Bulbapedia for accurate/up-to-date info.

At present, there are NO legal Kedeo/Meloetta/Genosect, hence you can't find a code for their event. (any that claim to be so, at current time, ARE LYING.)

Also, a warning: if you DO get any of those three, their data will be added to your Pokedex, which will then ban you from the Pokemon Global Link until either you fix your Pokedex's data to not have them (see Pokegen) or until they are legally available. It's a new security thing. Just wait like the rest of us and you won't have any troubles.

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Fix spelling/wording.
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Hm, I don't think that'd do.

If they did come from GBATemp then I doubt they'd like it getting reposted there. I tend to get a... vibe? from a number of posts there, so yeah (that make sense to anyone else, or is it just me?).

I was thinking of more like a fairly reliable/complete/organized depository for DS codes, like the one used by the Wii's homebrew applications. (I can't rememer what it's called... "WiiRD", or something like that?)

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If they did come from GBATemp then I doubt they'd like it getting reposted there.


I was thinking of more like a fairly reliable/complete/organized depository for DS codes, like the one used by the Wii's homebrew applications. (I can't rememer what it's called... "WiiRD", or something like that?)

That depends; Are codes from GBATemp posted here without credit? It would be a shame if they were, but I haven't came across that. The codes for the Pokémon Games are neatly organized in the Usrcheat database. Unless the codes are labeled as "DON'T POST THESE CODES OUTSIDE OF THIS FORUM" or any variation of that then you should respect those wishes, but if they aren't, I see no problem in re-posting the codes with the right credit to the original creators of the codes. If there are multiple code hackers in that list of codes that were distributed, simply add all of their names at the top of the post.

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I've never seen a code labeled like that. That'd be weird. But, whatever.

Some code hackers wish to keep certain codes (if not all) for a specific forum only so they post of some variation of that in the post. I've noticed that this happens more frequently in PSP releases rather than NDS releases unless the code creator states otherwise.

Usrcheat database? Where do I access that? Link?


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I see no problem in re-posting the codes with the right credit to the original creators of the codes. If there are multiple code hackers in that list of codes that were distributed, simply add all of their names at the top of the post.

absolutely correct. but the sad part is not many sites credit the code authors and the truth of the matter is only a few does. the worst part of it is that some sites(that is including its members and owners)claim the codes and brag that they created them.

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Here's a few of some of the most useful codes I use (Note I didn't create these, but many people seem to have a hard time finding them)

All of these are for Pokemon White

Encounter Pokemon with Dreamworld Abilities (Tested -also works with the Shiny Modifier on)

94000130 fcff0000

12233fae 00000289

12233fb2 00000064

d2000000 00000000

94000130 fffb0000

0225d330 00ab0000

0225d334 00000206

0225d338 0400003c

0225d33c 00000000

0225d340 00000000

0225d344 004b00ac

0225d348 002b003e

0225d34c 00008021

0225d350 80210028

0225d354 00130080

0225d358 00088021

0225d35c 02060178

0225d360 80210032

0225d364 8010017b

0225d368 80100009

0225d36c 00010008

0225d370 00010011

0225d374 00ff001f

0225d378 8e000000

0225d37c 32000000

da000000 02233fae

d3000000 00000000

d7000000 0225d334

d3000000 00000000

d7000000 0225d35e

d3000000 00000000

da000000 02233fb2

d3000000 00000000

d7000000 0225d360

d2000000 00000000

L+R to activate

The activation gives you 649 of slot 1 items in your bag and 100 of slot 2 items in your bag. Its just like a Pokemon modifier. Throw the number of items in slot 1 away to = the national pokedex number and the trash the number of items in slot 2 to equal the level you want it to be. Ex. Trash 648 items in slot 1 to fight Bulbasaur and trash 90 items in slot 2 to have it be a level 10. This is also a great way of leveling up pokemon if you enjoy the battles.

Shiny Pokemon Encounters (I've also tested this one. It wears off when you turn off the DS.)

521A96F0 1C221C39

E2002200 00000028

4C08B57E 88248865

08ED4065 F1A7B40F

1C06FD9F 40410401

428D0CC9 D1F5BC0F

BD7E1C30 0224F95C

021A96F4 FD84F658

D0000000 00000000

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Hey, that's nifty! Any chance you could get one for Black?

Also, have you tested if they are fully recognized? (Do they keep the Hidden Ability when they evolve/can it be bred?) I doubt that there would be a problem, but just wondering anyway.

Wait, the Shiny code "wears off" when you turn off the DS? Do you mean that the Pokemon will stop being Shiny if you turn it off, or that you'll just stop constantly encountering Shiny Pokemon after you turn it off?

All 'passive' codes are "disabled" when you turn off/soft-reset (R+L+Start+Select) the game. That's because they don't alter any save data, they just control what is normally a random (such as Shiny occurrences or a certain gender of Pokemon appearing). Only those that affect actual savable data don't "turn of", though it's really just what they affected being saved, not really the code itself lasting.

Sorry if that was long-winded or confusing... -_-; Such is how I am, it seems.

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SOB... this is the JP version thread. The codes are for U/E versions. My bad.

I'm sure someone on this forum could play around with the coding though. The bones are there, I think.

jariesuicune: You simply stop encountering shiny pokemon. I saved a dreamworld shiny gardevoir and it's still shiny every time I turn it back on, but I'm not running into wild ones anymore. Hopefully someone more knowledgeable than myself will be able to alter this code.

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Bummer. ^_^; Still neat though! Don't forget to post it to the B/W English code thread, I'm sure people will like those. (Though, at least one working Shiny code has been out for a long time for each game)

But, like I said, it's normal for the code to not apply when it's not being applied. It doesn't alter the game's data on the likeliness of a Shiny appearing; it only affects the outcome while the code is active. I'd actually be worried if the code had a permanent effect (especially since I like lots of Pokemon in their normal colors. That and that would mean it was affecting the actual game's structure, which could have unforeseen VERY bad effects.)

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  • 6 months later...

I'm a newbie here so please don't be too harsh if I did something wrong, but I hope to request for a breeding of legendary pokemon eggs just so you can get the full use of the ability modifier and just so that when they become the right level they might become legal.

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Um, actually, that'd really be easier to just PokeGen (Downloadable on this very site! just do a quick search) them instead... Especially because:

1: If it's a hatched Pokemon (Legend or not), it says so in it's info, so that'd be a dead giveaway at it being cheated. (Only Phione can be freely hatched, of all Legendaries)

2: Usually the released level goes up, not down. (That's why legal Level 10 Celebi and Mew tend to be prized Pokemon)

3: Genning is just easier... Choose your level, Ability, stats (legal only, Gen V recalculates them after a fight), IV's, EV's, Attacks/PP's, OT/Hidden OT, Nickname, how you got it, where you got it, Shiny, Crown, Ribbons, Gender, etc.

-It's literally the same as if you did all the stuff to get it normally (just... without actually doing it), so long as you make it correct and don't make any impossibilities (Such as particular Attack/Ability combos). If you don't care about Legality, then you can make whatever you want! Shuckle with Sheer Cold and No Guard? Can do.

In the case of a Legendary, which can't be bred regardless, you may as well Gen.

-When you Gen a Pokemon, you can add it (actually, you can do up to 6 simultaneously) to your game's PC with a simple code. (Or, for those without an AR, can use a server trick and 'get' it from a custom 'trade system' server.

Hope this helps.

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