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  1. Is it so hard to put a Satoshi Pikachu into a pokegen and put the pokegen into Japanease mode so the game recognizes it? And where the ot is right.
  2. is there any difference in the events.... besides the name and gender of the pokemon
  3. ok i got 2 big problems that i found but are fixed on the reguler rom. 1. When i go back to main screen it just shows white thats it. (Occurs when I'm at continue menu when i want to go back to main menu and occurs when I'm exiting wonder cards) 2. After completion of the game both times it freezes at the end where it goes to main menu. ....Any single way of fixing this? Should Also the V5 was perfect for the story! You guys are simply amazing I would have just stopped on V5 but you guys want to translate everything! Thank you!
  4. I have a problem when I'm at N's castle getting ready to catch that white fox legendary pokemon thangy it freezes on me... It didn't do that on the reguler JPN version or on my original one so why is it doing it on the english patch one is there anyway to fix it? R4i-sdhc Latest Version Version 5
  5. thanks i was waiting to go to the 8th gym because i wanted the story to be translated instead of just guessing what there saying wrong topic Delete Ok on topic zork no wonder it didnt work about a month ago when i had the liberty ticket and wanted to make the code! I didnt have those checked off
  6. Sweet! Can you maybe create one for the New english Mew and Satoshi Pikachu?
  7. Like a playstation or PSP game Graphics same type of story line and all that but it will actually follow the player along and show some actualy cut scenes like black/white has with zekkorumo cutscene in pokemon black... If not I'd like a GTA based one xDD
  8. Some event Pokemon Black Codes I'm sure some people would enjoy Note: This is only for (J) and well not work on (U) when it comes out. And Tell me if you have problems with some.... Otasuke KUMASHUN Evolution Event Pokemon Machoke Haunter Scyther Electrabuzz Magmar Kabarumo Chobomaki Slowpoke Also "Press Select To activate" They well be in box 8 all in different boxes so make sure to clear out that box Feel free to request some AR codes for pokemon in this thread for Pokemon Black... Also these were made by me and not a site just making sure you new that
  9. Hmm impressive I didn't think this update would arrive this quickly witht he support of Pokemon Black save files
  10. Guys you can just simply import the liberty ticket into your game now using grovyles mystery gift editor just got updated 2 days ago.... Just download the liberty ticket and upload you .sav file and import the liberty ticket in it
  11. didn't the r4 people update there cheats where one of those cheats were to patch crashes on the Pokemon black/white? Because they did it for the r4i-sdhc and it works perfect
  12. Also it seems that V4 is more or less translated then V3.... I really don't know but it just seems that way.... Plus I'm kinda mad because in V4 in black the story is barely translated.... But thank you for this awesome translation!
  13. Thank you it worked! I didn't know there was a new one! can't believe they gave the Max Potion with it though....
  14. Thanks Nigoli the pkm worked perfectly its kinda cute anyway to put the wonder card in the rom though?
  15. Is there a Pokemon Black code to clone box pokemon but instead of using L or R i use Select. L and R don't work anymore on Pokemon Black it just switches boxes.
  16. It was saved with a flashcard R4i-sdhc they just made a patch to run the game successfully without any add ons... As for the .sav I'm Not goin to send it in public check your messages...
  17. Alright i guess its free to post now right. If it isn't I am sorry and I well execpt my punishment? Anyways does the patch get in the way of the .sav file because when i try opening it up with newest pokesav or pokegen versions on Pokemon Black it says invalid save file.... Anyways of fixing this? I just need some pokemon from them (the kyoko evolved pokemon event ones .pkm)....
  18. Does the translation mess with the .sav at all? Because whenever i try to open it up with the BWPokegen or the BWPokesav it says invalid sav file?
  19. Thanks Nigoli for the Festival Pokemon i can actually get .pkm event pokemon onto my Pokemon Black Rom but sadly still don't know how to get liberty ticket on there Edit: It says my Pokemon Black Translated Rom V3 does not have the right sav file oh no D:
  20. Seems like all the translation stopped on the 2nd gym badge execpt the battles and etc of course..... On V3
  21. I have his newest mystery gift editor so you can create the code from that?
  22. Does anyone have the liberty ticket or a code to activate the event. I just want my own Viciniti from the event
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