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Pokemon Shattered Silver 1.1.2

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Despite being known for housing some awful Pokemon, HGSS gives you a lot of overpowered Pokemon Like Gyarados, Alakazam, Crobat, Etc. But What if all of those were taken away. They player can now can only find awful Pokemon that do not ever get used like Parasect and Furret. Most evolutions were removed, so the player can still find Pokemon like Ralts, Tentacool, and Metang, Although they will not be able to reach their full potential. Shattered Silver, Inspired by Pokemon Challenge's Emerald Trashlocke, attempts to make the game harder mostly by handicapping the player. The bosses are slightly improved, but not by much. This game also bans effort values, Limit's the Power Points of set up moves, Bans Game corner, Bans Department Store TM's. The only change to the level curve for any hardcore nuzlockers is Pryce's highest level has been raised up to Level 38. This game only has the main story, So no Kanto because it makes no sense to balance it properly.


Tools Used:

PokerandoZX: Ajarmar

PokEditor: TurtleIsacc

DSPRE 1.6: Ad Astra

HxD: Nexus

Tinke: Pleonex

DsPokemonEditor: JackHack

The inspiration to make this: Mike the Entei, Pokemon Challenges

What's New in Version 1.1.2   See changelog


Fixed wild held items

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