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xd Gale of Darkness Tool (OSX) +Colosseum Tool 1.0.1

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About This File

A tool for hacking Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness. It isn't complete but it is still being actively worked on and will be updated with new features over time. Mac OSX only and designed for US versions of XD. ?

What's New in Version 1.0.1   See changelog


Can edit:

  • Trainers
  • Shadow Pokemon
  • Pokemon Stats
  • Moves
  • Pokespot pokemon
  • Gift pokemon (starters, trades, etc.)
  • Scripts
  • Image files
  • Various patches (including physical/special split)
  • Randomiser

Can also view scripts and dump game data to .txt and .json files

Now comes with Colosseum Tool for hacking Pokemon Colosseum! Colosseum Tool doesn't have all the capabilities of GoD Tool but can still edit a lot of the main data such as trainers, moves and pokemon stats and also has a randomiser.

Colosseum Tool has now been updated with the ability to add the physical/special split!

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· Edited by HootingLance


(for version 1.0.1)

Half of this program is really good.

The XD tool works very well, is very well designed, and I have thus far experienced no problems. It edits (or randomizes) every part of the game. The best tool you could want. 

However the colosseum tool, which is what I wanted to use, doesn't work at all. It appears as if the colosseum program is an edited version of the XD program (for example, the program name in the top bar is 'XD tool'). The interface looks fine but upon attempting to load a Colosseum.iso, the program will always crash. Hey, StarsMmd, I've seen that you update these programs very often. Could you fix up the Colosseum tool so that it actually works? 

Also, to all those asking for the program to be ported to windows: this program appears to be built from the ground up, for mac. A Windows version would likely need to be built from scratch, and be a large undertaking for StarsMmd (if they could do it at all). If you cant access a Mac, I'd look for StarsMmd's tutorials, which don't require the use of his tools, rather than badgering him for a windows version. 

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Mirror B

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Hey there im sry if i sound like an asshole but could you please make an randomizer for windows bcs a mac randomizer is bringin nothing bcs the most ppl like me using windows and its sad bcs we cant randomize so could you please upload some patches or make a windows randomizer :)


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prog rocker

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Well, I don't see how I can use it anywhere.

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How do you use it, I don't see any .exe/jar files to utilize?

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One of the best things on the internet to me. Pokémon Colosseum and XD are my favorite games ever, and being able to hack them is something truly special to me. It's also the only Pokémon hacking tool that really worked to me (every time I hacked a portable Pokemon game, I've had errors). This tools had to be updated a few times to work properly, but the creator is very friendly and capable of fixing all the problems.

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