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PK7: SM - Totems and other unobtainable Pokemon .

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About This File

Throughout Pokemon Sun & Moon, there have been many encounters with Pokemon that cannot be captured,
due to various reasons set up by the developers by various story elements.

As these Pokemon are uncatchables, they were obtained by extraction from RAM dumps.

*Warning, contains possible plot spoiler. If you've yet to complete the game, leave this page*

This page features the following Pokemon Sets:

  1. Illima's Trial: VS Totem GumshoosS
  2. Illima's Trial: VS Totem RaticateM
  3. Lana's Trial: VS Totem Wishiwashi
  4. Kiawe's Trial: VS Totem Salazzle
  5. Mallow's Trial: VS Totem Lurantis
  6. Sophocles's Trial: VS Totem Vikavolt
  7. Acerola's Trial: VS Totem Mimikyu
  8. Captainless Trial: VS Totem Kommo-o
  9. Aether Paradise Nihilego
  10. The infamous Seafolk Village's Trainer's Shiny Exeggcute! (editor's note: thanks for the clarification in the comments)
  11. Pokemon Trainer Kukui's Pokemon
  12. Pokemon Trainer Morimoto's Pokemon
  13. Pokemon Trainer Blue's Pokemon
  14. Pokemon Trainer Red's Pokemon
  15. Mega Pack (contains all of the above)

In case it isn't obvious,


These entries were obtained by @jojo12100 and @thaleskpl

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Question:  In Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon it seems like you can obtain every Totem Pokémon except for Wishiwashi by collecting stickers.  If you transfer a Totem Wishiwashi like this one into Ultra S&M, will it appear in the Pokédex? 

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