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  1. What about the human that Ledian sent out against you in that one movie series? And from the Red Fog movies those weird humanoid things? And in the giant woman movie the one where u fight the sister herself cuz she's big? And all the rental pokemon from Poke Star Studios(even though they are rubbish)?
  2. How would one add it to Bank? I was too late to get it for Sun but would like to get it now.
  3. Um, pkhex has this but ironically doesn't have the gamestop event salazzle, so maybe it'd be better to provide that instead?
  4. Um, what about Ultra Sun/Moon? And pokemon from Pokemon Conquest?
  5. They should've done ultra necrozma the same way they did the kyruyem fusions in gen 5.
  6. I'm not the person you were helping, but I tried all the codes you mentioned for Sapphire on Visualboy Advance and they did not show the secret ID instead of trainer ID and I want to make a Pokemon in PokeHex that looks like it came from Sapphire, and I need my Secret ID from Sapphire so I would appreciate any help you can give me.
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