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  2. From the album: Killian Arthur

    I don't know if I should cover him up or scare him :))
  3. From the album: Killian Arthur

    First time in a long time since he has let me hold him. Over the past month, he has been exploring the outdoors during daylight hours. He was very persistent on running outside every time the door opened, so finally, we decided to go with the flow and let him out He’s so much happier now, not to mention all of that pent up, aggressive energy is being used for healthier things such as exercise. Killian has become very laid back in such a short period of time; I’m able to actually pet him for more than five minutes. Is it male Vs male thing? He’as always gotten along with the girls. Haha
  4. International Cat Day is a celebration that takes place on August 8, every year. It was created in 2002 by the International Fund for Animal Welfare. Wikipedia
  5. Wow, Lucy is so so adorable! <3
  6. This is Lucy. She grew up in an animal shelter, and we finally adopted her a few years later. Now she hangs around the house, looking out the window, being chased by us or chasing us back, or hiding in the closet somewhere when there's strangers in the house.
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    @evandixon's cat Lucy