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  1. according to https://wiki.52poke.com/zh-hans/沉重球(道具) detail In the second generation and the fourth generation, if the calculated final capture decision value is less than zero, it will be equal to 1 and the capture decision will be continued. So theoretically does not appear can not capture the treasure dream.But in the seventh generation, it may be because the introduction of the beast ball, the final capture judgment can be less than 1, so there is a heavy ball can not capture the treasure dream, such as iron dumbbell [source request]. (google translate)
  2. Besides, heavy ball beldum should be illegal.
  3. why inject event pokemon by PKSM, the checksum is valid, while using pkhex it become invalid. Dose that mean the save have been modified if the checksum is invalid.
  4. this Mimikyu is level 1 with play rough, pkhex shows it is legal. But I check the Bulbapedia, play rough can be learned at level 46, and it is not a egg move and TM.
  5. HI, how to run pkhex with wine, is says i should install net framework 4.6.
  6. oh, I didn't even realize it..
  7. After creating a Giratina, then I set the item to none, an alert shows that held item doesn't match the form.
  8. forget bounce.
  9. oh I mean I keep the bounce in the relearn slot. you just need to forget the skill in game, i guess.
  10. Can I teach it 3 TMs then forget it.. I guess it is same thing.
  11. just delete bounce and change the receive date to today, it can be traded. I guess it is all about bounce. Not sure.
  12. I just use pkhex clear the pokedex of as and x, and that select catch all. Now everything is fine in pokebank.