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  1. Just a quick note, but I updated the first page and fixed all the dead dropbox links I could find! Sorry for putting this off for so long ^^; Also, I'm having some issues working on the sprite editor. I'm not sure how to make the sprite import functionality "spriter workflow friendly"? I was planning on making a sort of "Draw a grid over the various frames of a sequence" on an animation sheet an artist would make.The grid's cells would be adjustable manually, so it would be more flexible. But its a lot of work to do that, and I want to make sure I'm heading the right way.. If anyone reading this is a sprite artist, I'd like to hear what you'd like to have in a tool like this?
  2. I haven't made any tools for randomizing starters. But, that other bit about downloading mods sounds like the mod packaging format that @evandixon was working on. Other than that, idk what you're talking about.
  3. Yeah, but I'm not working on a randomizer? I'm working on modding tools for the game mainly.
  4. Well, you'd need to draw new ones first. Then its just a matter of importing them into the game
  5. Well, its "possible", but like evan said, you'd have to do some pretty extensive asm edits to the game. And right now, the dungeon mode code is not very documented at all. But since exclusive items grant bonuses similarly, and IQ skills do the same as emeras, the basics you could re-use are there I guess. It would be nice if some volunteers would like to map out the game's binaries though! That would speed things up a lot!
  6. That's very vague.. But, in terms of the game, modifying dungeons tilesets/layouts, modifying tilesets, modifying animated BGs, fonts. And that's pretty much all I can think of.
  7. Thanks! ^^ I got character sprite export to work! But I just gotta work out importing images, and editing animations! Soo, it shouldn't be too long until the first release, hopefully! If everything goes well..
  8. I haven't mentioned much here in a while but the tool is slowly starting to take shape! I fixed a lot of problems with displaying frames and animations. And I made a small video to show: Its still a work in progress tho!
  9. Animashuns Still lots of bugs to fix, and work to do..Cropping ,and well the wrap-around feature of the NDS kinda mess with my cropping algorithm.. Also Qt is basically a minefield of segfaults.. All those pointers just beg for something bad to happen ^^;; Its hell to debug
  10. Well I'm trying to get it to be usable soon. But so far I'm having some issues because of the tree view thing.. I might drop that part for something simpler if I can't get things to be tidier and working like I want.. Plus it creates a ton of redundancy.. Also right now it only does import. So keep in mind a big part of the work is left to do You mean the levels graphics and backgrounds? That's coming in another tool! This thing is basically some practice before I get to work on the level editor Here's another peek at the WIP UI. Tho, I feel I could probably make a sort of thumbnail preview instead of the treeview.. I'll have to investigate..
  11. So, its been a really long time since I updated this thread! And I've been making some progress on a few things! Namely a sprite editor: Its still really early on tho! But I got some of the stuff behind the scene working finally!
  12. All the reserve entities are unused afaik. So they can be edited.
  13. Yep. And all genderless or male or female only species have a counterpart entity as well. Its a dummy though. Its only there to keep both gender entry tables aligned within the data files. Bosses works differently. The NPC that appears on the map is a special entity that's only meant for the cutscene. We still don't know yet for sure how bosses works. But we have some ideas. I suspect fixed.bin to have part of the answer. Well it depends on how typing effectiveness is implemented. But if its just a table, it would be trivial to hook everything accessing it and inject a larger table somewhere, or just load it dynamically. That's what I did with the levels and NPCs for instance. Its not really trickery, its just rewriting part of the game code to do something slightly different.
  14. Well, there's no "species". Each regular pokemon's form has 2 entities, one for each gender, and there are extra entities for some unique NPCs. There's 1,200 slots for entities in total. Its most likely possible to make an asm mod to increase that number. But I have no ideas how difficult or time consuming it would be since I haven't looked into that yet. Dungeon data isn't hardcoded. We haven't tried adding new entries to the dungeon data file though. So we don't know if there is any modifications needed there. And we're still not sure how and where the dungeon tilesets are stored. Adding a new type is most likely possible through modifications. And I mean without that hack those guys you linked did.
  15. So, since its been a while since I made an update, I'll mention that I've been mostly disassembling code for reading the maps, and trying to understand the logic behind it. I also made a lot of refactoring to make the config file loading more flexible in my tools and rethink several parts of the system I designed for handling maps and scripts. I've also laid down the basics for a new tool called "MapNybbler" (Yet another bite pun ) which will ideally be essentially the back-end of the map editor I have planned. That tool will focus on map tilesets, maps themselves, entities, objects, applying asm mods to extend the game's level engine, and the scripts. (Statsutil will still support scripts, but MapNybbler will take over as preferred script tool, considering I can do a lot more in terms of simplifying everything if I can tie a map's resources to a script. ) So far, I'm planning 2 asm mods to be released with the tool. One of the entity table, and one for the level table. Both will allow adding new levels/entities to the game, and allow more control than with the hard-coded lists built-in the game right now. Here's a quick overview so far of what I know about maps summed up : - My WIP notes on the map tilesets and map data formats : - Each level has an entry in a table inside the arm 9 binary. The entry contains a few values, but the most interesting ones are the type of the map, and the name of it (pointer to string). - When the name of the current map is looked up in the table when loading a map, it runs either the "enter" script or an "acting" script within the folder with the same name the map has in the table.Then the script will load a "background" which is essentially a tileset within the "MAP_BG" directory. But in order to do this, the game will look at the "bg_list.dat" file and look at the filenames for the entry matching the current map id. There are usually 3 strings, one for the filename of the BPC, BPL, and BMA corresponding to this map. There can be more strings for maps that have BPAs too! - The command used in the script to load a map affects the way it will be laid out and displayed. There are 3 sets of constants for each map types, each set being tied to a specific map loading function. So, some level expects BPAs, some don't. Some have different resolutions for the BPC layers too. - BPC files contains anywhere between one and 2 layers. Each layer has a 4bpp tileset, and a tilemap one after the other, and compressed. - BMA files contains lots of details on the format of the layers and how to assemble and display them. But I'm not yet completely sure what everything does. And I'm still researching. - BPA files contains raw 4bpp images, and possibly some map tiling data. Those seems to be stitched to either BPC layer, and often seems to contain animated parts of the tileset. Still researching! - BPL files contains palette data for the other matching BMA, BPC, BPA files. it normally contains 15 palettes. But a boolean in the header can allow this to be extended to several more palettes, possibly meant for animated bg. More details to come! I just need to figure out how maps are stitched together and things should be much easier from that point!