Pokémon Nova Sun & Umbra Moon

    By evandixon,


    @Dio_Vento has recently released his ROM hacks of Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon.  Based on his previous work, Pokémon Rutile Ruby and Pokémon Star Sapphire, these hacks aim to provide a legitimate challenge to players seeking something more from the latest Pokémon games.

    Here's the trailer:

    Features include (but are not limited to):

    • Harsher level curve
    • New trainer & gym teams
    • NPC's using Mega Evolution
    • Improved item availability
    • Trade-based evolutions can be done in-game

    Downloads, as well as more information, can be found in the project thread.

    PKHeX 17.02.07

    By ReignOfComputer,


    PKHeX has been updated to version 17.02.07, finally fixing the Trainer Info bug everyone loves to post about, among many other fixes and features.


    17/02/07 - New Update:
     - Legality:
     - - Added: Legality indication for exported QR images (if legality check is available for origin).
     - - Added: Legality indication for Box/Party pkm slots (^ + opt-in via Options->Set to SAV).
     - - Fixed: More edge cases for legality checks.
     - Added: More Generation 7 trainer stat record labels. Thanks skywalker25 & Holla!
     - Added: G7TID -> TID/SID generator for Generation 7 Trainer Editor. Thanks RoC!
     - Added: QR exporting for non gen6/7 pkm. Only use is for sharing via image rather than file.
     - Fixed: Transferred markings are now applied correctly.
     - Fixed: Gen 2 inventory items TMHM cap raised from 1 to 99.
     - Fixed: Importing japanese pk1 files now transfer to generation 7 without errors.



    3DS Update 11.3.0-36

    By evandixon,


    Nintendo has released update 11.3.0-36.  It patches safehax, so if you do not have CFW installed, do not update if you wish to install it (instructions can be found here).  Without CFW, updating will prevent you from using save editors like PKHeX or ROM hacks until homebrew is updated.

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