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    Version 18.03.19 of PKHeX has been released, adding a few new features, legality checking improvements, and bug fixes.

    Change log:


    - Legality: 
     - - Added: Fixed IVs for Static Encounters are now checked.
     - - Fixed: Shedinja family handling. Thanks @ultima-soul, @Lusamine, @OmegaDonut, @admiral-fish & @Marty-D!
     - - Changed: Pay Day Mewtwo is now legal (official transporter rules were updated). Thanks @Real96 & sora10pls!
     - - Changed: Another round of legality check updates. Thanks (so many different users)!
     - Added: Base Stats are now displayed in the Stat editor tab, along with color highlighting.
     - Added: Mass PKM Import to Save File from Mystery Gift Database (and PKM Database).
     - Fixed: Importing a showdown set with a Hidden Power that does not specify IVs will find a valid IV set.
     - Fixed: WC6/7 IV generation now matches the games. Thanks @wwwwwwzx!
     - Fixed: Gen6+ Swampert Pokédex Forme flags now set correctly. Thanks @sora10pls!
     - Fixed: Gen4 Pokédex editing for Formes no longer throws errors. Thanks Ammako!
     - Fixed: Gen4- KChart no longer throws errors when loaded from a Generation 4 and below save file.
     - Fixed: Gen3 Ruby/Sapphire Roamer data is now editable. Thanks TetsuyaGR!
     - Fixed: Gen1 PlayTime is now set correctly. Thanks @Asia81!
     - Fixed: PKM Converter force hatched eggs now set their base friendship correctly.
     - Changed: PKM Converter for Gen3 is now faster (no longer uses Reflection).
     - Changed: PKM Converter now allows backwards conversion if HaX is enabled.
     - Changed: Reworked a few GUI Controls for easier handling.
     - Changed: Updated JP/CHS translation files. Thanks @smileynation & @wwwwwwzx!


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