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    7SPOT Rally Mew Event

    By jasenyoface, in News,

    "So rare that it is still said to be a mirage by many experts. Only a few people have seen it worldwide."

    7SPOT is a Wi-Fi service that is hosted throughout multiple Seven & i Group stores all over Japan (e.g., 7-Eleven). 
    Aside from it’s internet allowance, 7SPOT sporadically gives consumers special gifts. 
    As of July 11, 2017, players can use the Nintendo Zone app to receive serial codes to obtain the Pokémon Mew for use inside Pokémon Sun and Moon games.
    Midday on July 10, 2017, Wonder Card ID: 238 -20TH☆ Mew was uploaded to the Wonder Card servers in preparation for the 7SPOT event.
    Naturally, this WC was added to our Event Gallery as soon as it was available.
    This led to the first report from one of our users that this event contained an invalid OT.
    Before the official release of WCID 0238, it was revealed that after trading this 20TH☆ Mew, the Original Trainer (OT) would change
    from “20TH☆” to the version name and save language of the 7th generation game in which the Mew was received. 
    Check out the visual below in the spoiler, for examples of this occurrence.
    This type of “censorship” in where a Pokémon’s OT and/or nickname can be legally changed (upon transfer or trade) and has been around for quite some time.
    Typically, it affects OT and nicknames that contain profanity and/or character-symbol discrepancies.  It is also worth noting that there were previous Event-Pokémon
    that had invalid OTs as well. One of our Event Contributors, Kirzi, has posted about this in the past and has provided a list of those events.
    Shortly after the event started, which was at 7am (Japan Standard Time), theSLAYER found proof that, in fact, players were receiving the invalid 238 - 20TH☆ Mew
    and it wasn’t until nine hours after the event started that the Wonder Card ID was changed in the server from 238 - 20TH☆ Mew to 238 -20TH Mew.
    Closely following the situation, theSLAYER found proof that the fixed Wonder Card had been successfully redeemed by multiple players shortly after its release.
    (And thanks to our dedicated Contributors as well for uploading their Wonder Card files!)
    However, approximately 30 minutes after the fixed Wonder Card had replaced the Invalid one, another WCID appeared on the servers, WCID 247 - 20TH Mew!

    There is much speculation around this third Wonder Card and why it appeared on the servers after the fixed 238 was re-uploaded and then distributed again. 
    At this time, we are seeking out anyone that can verify that they have received WCID 247.
    Images: 7SPOT, theSLAYER
    Sources: 7SPOT, theSLAYER, Kirzi
    ongoing discussion

    Image: Pokemongolive.com¹
    Shortly after its 2016 mid-year launch, Pokémon Go was dubbed as being a “global phenomenon” despite the persistent software
    hiccups, the Google Account privacy hysteria, and zoning permissions.  Globally, there was an estimate of 160 million active users back
    in 2016, and a projection of roughly 250 million active users for 2017.²
    Throughout its first year, the Developers have released numerous updates to address the App’s software issues, add various language support,
    UI and feature upgrades.  It is also worth noting that there were a fair share of events hosted for GO Trainers year-to-date.  Will we ever see
    that famous “raid” on Mewtwo as seen in the hype-trailer for the game?
    Pokémon GO’s latest entry on their website titled, Happy Birthday, Pokémon GO! was posted July, 6 2017 in honor of the app’s first birthday.
    The article advertises that:
    If you encounter or catch that Cap Pikachu, post your images below.  We would love to see them!
    1. pokemongolive.com
    2. statista.com

    Greetings all!
    There's a new Infrared event that is about to begin in Korea (of the South), and we are looking for members that are able to attend,
    and also able to use NTR to make RAM dumps, in order to obtain the WC7Full of this event!
    If you're able to commit, and also able to make dumps,
    do drop a message in the thread linked below, to let us know!

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