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  1. The PID type for Legendaries and Starter Pokemon that I see is always "None." This has been the case for every Legendary I've caught in SWSH. I find it strange because there obviously is a PID I can see. I seem to be able to edit their PID, IV and EC as I please without it being flagged as illegal by PKhex. Max Lair and Den Pokemon are like this too.
  2. It's finally working! I just deleted the file and downloaded it again and for some reason that did the trick! Thanks man! Also, are in game legendary and starter pokemon sufficiently random too like eggs? Do I need to use one of these methods for them?
  3. Hey, unfortunately it's still greyed out. I downloaded the you just uploaded but still doesn't work for me. Btw this overworld8/max raid PID-IV generation is for regular Pokemon right, not legendaries or starter Pokemon which are static encounters? Becaue PKheX doesn't seem to have any issue with me just using the reroll button for the PID and EC when it comes to legendary Pokemon or my Starter since it still labels them as legal even though I edit the IV's. Or is there a seperate algorithm for generating PID-IV combo's for legendary Pokemon that PkHeX just doesn't recognize?
  4. Shit. Well, guess my starter Fuecoco is illegal now lol. I changed it before I knew that PkheX show static encounters like starters and legendaries as legal even though they aren't.
  5. Thanks btw does the "Gen 8 OW Shiny PID Genner 1.0.15" program work for Scarlet and Violet too? Are the IV-PID-EC-Height-Weight mechanics the same or different? I was hoping to use the IV search method to generate a PID for better IV's and nature for my Starter Fuecoco
  6. Hey, I'm having trouble getting the PKHeX Plugin for OVerworld8 IV Searcher to work for me. I've unblocked the plugin but when I go to Tools in Pkhex to use it it's greyed out. Please advise. I am on the latest PkHex and using the latest version of the plugin.
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