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Found 5 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    Pokémon Scarlet & Violet 100% ALL Shiny 6 IVs (876 only GEN 9) Paldea Pokédex Complete Kitakami Pokédex Complete Blueberry Pokédex Complete
  2. Hello there, everyone. Recently I've thought of making Pokémon Scarlet much better with such things like level scaling for Gym Leaders and Team Star members, all major foes like Nemona and the Gym Leaders use items in their teams, Nemona and Geeta's champion teams are much better, and so much more. This will essentially be Pokémon Scarlet: Hard Mode, and I just thought of a title for this brand new project: Pokémon Scarlet Souls. As for this brand new rom hack of one of the brand new games, this will be like Drayano's rom hacks of many Pokémon games, notable being FireRed Omega, Renegade Platinum, and the Blaze Black/Volt White duology. Kinda. The difficulty of his rom hacks come from high IVs, competitive movesets and held items. Meanwhile for my rom hack, it's just a bit smart AI, held items and, if they have at that level, competitive moves. The things I would also add are: * 200 TMs, each can be used infinitely. Notable changes is TM153 being Blaze Kick, TM154 being Scald, and TM155 being Power Whip. In addition after rematching, Gym Leaders give away stronger TMs, like Brassius gives Trailblaze for first defeat and Power Whip for rematch. * Renovation of the wild Pokémon list in each area, similar to Rising Ruby and Sinking Sapphire, a work-in-progress Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire rom hack (also by Drayano). * Some Pokémon get new Abilities. For example, the Wattrel line has Volt Absorb replaced with Motor Drive. The Qwilfish-Hisui line's Swift Swim is replaced by Merciless, and Typhlosion-Hisui has Cursed Body as its new Hidden Ability. * Updated evolution methods. For example, Finizen just needs Level 38 to evolve into a Palafin. Stantler and Qwilfish-Hisui need to know the needed move (Psyshield Bash and Barb Barrage, respectively) to evolve. * Moveset overhauls. For example, Magikarp now needs Level 5 to learn Tackle and Level 15 to learn Flail. The availability of Jet Punch, Volt Tackle and Zing Zap is also increased. * Move overhauls. For example, Jet Punch is now a confusion-based clone of the elemental punches. Spin Out has 130 BP and 90% accuracy like it deserves. * New moves. Examples include: Roadrunner, a Ground-type Flame Charge clone; Soul Shot, a physical Ghost-type move that can cause paralysis; and High-Speed Dive, a physical Flying-type move that can cause flinch but has a 5% chance to miss. Most moves can be learnt in most of the new TMs, the other rest can be learnt by level-up. * New items, such as the Hisuian Fragment, an item which - when held by a Pokémon with a Hisuian form or evolution like Dartrix and Ursaring - will automatically evolve into the new Hisuian form or evolution. However, I really need help for developers and other members of the Pokémon Scarlet Souls project. If you please discuss here on Project Pokémon.
  3. Version 1.2.0


    This is a file contains the vase majority of the fashion items with in the game to include hats, glove, shoes, glasses, socks, and phone cases. I gathered this all in scarlet so I don't think you can us it in violet but you can always try though I take no responsibility for it if it messes up your game . the only DLC items include are the "new" uniforms I exported all the fashion blocks into one file than turned it in to a rar for ease of upload and download so you will have to decompress it with something like winrar or 7zip. Update 1.2.0: I missed a few items so I added them to update the file as I find and collect more items I will continue to update thought I think I have nearly all of it now.
  4. Hi, all I'm new to this forum so apologies if this is the wrong place to ask. I've seen people using cfw switches and Tera Raid Finder with RaidCalc to get seeds for shiny raid dens, high Herba drop dens, etc in Pokemon Scarlet/Violet. They then host these raids online so that anyone with the Link Code can join them. I'm wondering how safe that is or if it could lead to a ban? I've been debating modding my own unpatched switch to do this. But I don't know if I'd get banned. The people who do it that I've talked to just cfw the sysnand and don't bother with emunand. They say because they own legit copies of the game that they aren't doing anything that could get them banned. But to me injecting a seed sounds like it would be like save editing. and from my understanding save editing can get you banned? Just looking to gain a better understanding before I go ahead and mod my switch.
  5. Pokemon Species: Glaceon Held Item: Never Melting Ice Level: 1 Ability: Snow Cloak, Ice Body (Hidden) Size: Average Gender: Female Nickname (If wanted): Trainer ID (If specific): 666 (does this work?) or 666666 Secret ID (If specific): 6666 Shiny (Yes or No): Yes Egg (Yes or No): no Nature: Rash Pokérus Status: Not Infected Pokéball Captured In: Love Ball EV Stats: max -> special-attack IV Stats: max Ribbons (If any): all that aren't available through normal gameplay Location/Date Met: Somewhere where you can normally find an Glaceon/November 18th, 2022 Location/Date Hatched (If an Egg): none, not an egg Friend Code (If Trading): none, not trading Region: German If something doesn't work, isn't doable, should be something else or anything that's not right with the request, please message me I don't think that it will even work, I mean Scarlet/Violet just got released.
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