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  1. Hi guys! I'm making a ROM edit called Pokemon Horror Black! I'm nearly finished. If you want to know what is good about keep reading. EDITS If you choose Boy at the start you will play as Reshiram. If you choose the girl you will play as Zekrom. Zorua will be disguised as Mew when activating the event. More location changes. Different wild Pokemon. I'm also taking ideas on what to do in this game! Pokemon Horror W.patch
  2. TRADUCCIÓN NO OFICIAL DE POKÉMON BLANCO Y NEGRO AL ESPAÑOL V2 Índice: 1. Introducción 2. Web 3. Características 4. Descargas 5. ¿Por qué contribuir? 6. Fallos en el juego. 7. Compilación 8. Avisos 9. Agradecimientos 1. Introducción 2. Web 3. Características 4. Descargas 5. ¿Por qué contribuir? 6. Fallos en el juego 7. Compilación 8. Avisos 9. Agradecimientos Por último, todos podéis ayudar. Ésta misma tarde colgaré la Beta 2.5. ¿Cómo podéis ayudar? Muy sencillo: EJEMPLO: 210.txt NOTA: Si alguien siente que se falta en los créditos, no os preocupéis. A MEDIADOS DE NOVIEMBRE, ME ENVIÁIS UN MP TODOS LOS QUE HABÉIS AYUDADO. LO INCLUIRÉ EN LOS CRÉDITOS DEL JUEGO. ¡¡GRACIAS, y, A AYUDAR!! EDITADO 31/10/2010 16:10 --> BETA 2.5 TANTO BLACK COMO WHITE YA PUBLICADAS. EDITADO 08/11/2010 ---> PRECIOSO, muchos de nosotros taduciendo, y un mísero Ghostx que no da ni las gracias y encima pueblica cosas sin dar creditos.. precioso... --> ARREGLADO
  3. Unoriginal name is unoriginal. Anyways, this is just my personal Soul Silver edit which I made to be an enjoyable solo play game for myself. Design goals: To make a hack that doesn't feel too much like a hack. I don't want legendaries thrown at me on route 29 or anything like that. To make Pokemon movepools more optimal for the first playthrough. This means moving egg moves or tutor moves that would generally only be obtained after the first playthrough into the base movepool. To make all 493 Pokemon obtainable without trading. This means editing all trade evolutions. To introduce a level of difficulty harder than the original. Trainers have more custom moves, AI levels are higher in some places, levels scale up faster, and gym leaders and the Team Rocket executives should feel like boss fights. Starter Pokemon evolve later than they did, but they also learn better coverage moves than before. To be more friendly towards monotype teams by varying Pokemon available much more. To buff some of the less usable Pokemon. This needs to be done to make up for the increased difficulty, otherwise some total losers like Ledian would go from "pretty bad" to "would be a liability to have on any team." To add more depth to some aspects of the game, like having more trainers able to use items on their Pokemon (either healing items, buff items like X-Attack, or status healing items) or having more Pokemon that you fight hold items that make the battles more interesting. More Pokemon will be found with items in the wild, and more total types of Pokemon will be found in each route. To still feel like we're in Johto. Though non-Johto Pokemon appear in basically every route, they are more uncommon than the Kanto and Johto generation Pokemon. To make some moves, such as OHKO moves or Hyper Beam type moves into more useful and varied moves. For example, Sheer Cold is an Ice-type version of the Overheat/Draco Meteor/Leaf Storm archetype. Blast Burn, Frenzy Plant, and Hydro Cannon are now 100 base power 100 accuracy moves, giving starter Pokemon clear cut upgrades from your usual Flamethrower, Surf, and Energy Ball without losing accuracy. Evolution Changes! New Alternate Abilities! Move Changes! - See https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0AqpA1wuA0-w6dDUtNzVNOWtfZVhSVjBXdm1tMTA2WVE&hl=en&authkey=CLDdv84P Current Version: Beta v10 Edited Up To: Olivine & Cianwood city - Incl. Chuck and Jasmine Tested on: SuperCard DS Two, DeSmuME v0.9.6, and No$gba 2.6 (PLEASE SEE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW TO MAKE IT WORK ON NO$GBA) Tools used: PPRE(editing), xDelta GUI(patch creation), NitroExplorer(exchanging files), and Attack Editor DP(editing of move damage/typing/effects), thenewpoketext (text editing), and a plain old hex editor! (Misc. move editing that is not supported by attack editor DP, along with some other things) The download includes a .PATCH patch and xDelta/xDelta GUI to patch with. It's the only type of patch I can offer at this time, but it's easy to use. ALL PATCHES INCLUDE THE AP PATCH. Because of this, do not use this patch on a ROM that is already AP patched as this may cause issues. If you are playing on the computer, I strongly recommend DeSmuME as an emulator. If you patched with a previous version, make sure you patch a new, clean ROM with the new version. Don't patch with (example) 6b and then patch the same ROM with 7b. No$gba users: Fixes for some problems. Changelog Patch 10b +Chuck and Jasmine now have upgraded teams! +Trainers in routes 40 and 41 have had some adjustments. +Level up move glitches with certain +From now on, all patches released will include AP. Do not patch from a ROM that is already AP-patched, please use your clean dump. KNOWN BUGS - CURRENT AS OF 5/17 -thanks to all who report bugs and glitches, feel free to PM me or post any problems encountered along with exactly where it happened and what is needed to reproduce the bug- + Level 0 / 000 Pokemon have been sighted while fishing. These should not harm your game save if you see one and they seem to be rare. +Bounce can cause graphical glitches when used as the last Pokemon alive or the only Pokemon in the party. This is due to the animation not meshing well with the new effect of Bounce. This glitch is strictly graphical and even if the Pokemon "disappears" it is still attackable and can still use moves normally. +Some level up movesets were corrupted in patch 9b, but any version past that will have the issue fixed. Soul Silver Plus .rar
  4. FILES DA TRADURRE: http://github.com/projectpokemon/Pokemon-Black-White-Translation-Files/tree/master/0000/ Here I Am! I'm an Italian User and i'm looking for people that can help with this Project, at least for the Italy Translation! Anyway We'll translate from your English Updates. Eccomi, sono un utente italiano e sto cercando persone che possano aiutarci con questo progetto, per la traduzione Italiana! Comunque tradurremo man mano che i files.txt inglesi verranno rilasciati. Se volete aiutare su un forum/blog italiano del circuito blogfree, lavoriamo su phw.blogfree.net Coordinatori: Pokèmon World Blog(Vincent) Collaboratori: Dany Malfurion Roxas75 Conferma la presenza! melo-hk Jolly-Joker Mike_ David23 Se non vi trovate nella lista, potreste essermi sfuggiti. Ditelo! Ed a Vala un ringraziamento per i preziosi consigli Translation Files / Files da Tradurre: Cartella / Folder 0000 Files da Correggere : 0000 - 0030 Errori / Problemi riscontrati nella traduzione: Piccole imperfezioni e proprietà di linguaggio usate convenzionalmente nei Giochi Pokèmon. Esempio: Uomo per Ragazzo (Testo Corretto) o Donna per Ragazza (Testo Corretto) Download Files da Correggere : http://www.mediafire.com/?7aih7m4ed1t24zd Testo Corretto in lingua Inglese ( Disponibili nella cartella online): http://github.com/projectpokemon/Pokemon-Black-White-Translation-Files/tree/master/0000/ Translated Files / Files Tradotti: Cartella 0000 [93/272]: -0000 -0001 -0002 -0003 -0004 -0005 -0006 -0007 -0008 -0009 -0010 -0012 -0013 -0014 -0015 -0016 -0017 -0018 -0019 -0020 -0021 -0023 -0024 -0025 -0026 -0027 -0029 -0030 -0032 -0035 -0036 -0037 -0038 -0043 -0044 -0046 -0049 -0051 -0053 -0054 -0055 -0059 -0060 -0061 -0065 -0073 -0074 -0075 -0076 -0077 -0079 -0080 -0081 -0082 -0086 -0088 -0089 -0090 -0092 -0140 -0141 -0148 -0158 -0159 -0161 -0166 -0167 -0168 -0172 -0173 -0177 -0179 -0180 -0181 -0182 -0185 -0187 -0191 -0198 -0199 -0202 -0204 -0207 -0208 -0211 -0234 -0237 -0238 -0239 -0240 -0254 -0261 -0269 -0271 -0272 Miniguida: Come usare il comando \xfffe Sarà utile a molti. Il comando \xfffe serve a far andare a capo nel TextBox (Box di Dialogo) e appunto serve per non far "uscire dai bordi" il testo. Per cui, come usarlo: Quando traducete un testo, cercate di contare il numero di "blocchi" (Per blocchi si intende uno "spazio" che può essere una lettera o uno spazio) e porre un "limite" quando incontrate il comando \xfffe Esempio pratico. Prendiamo come esatta la traduzione dei nostri cari compagni Inglesi, per cui, mi metto a contare il numero di "Blocchi" nella frase (0 sta per 10): Ok, in questo caso il numero massimo di blocchi o lettere, spazi (A voi la definizione che più vi aggrada ) è 21, per cui quando tradurremo porremo il comando \xfffe quando il testo supererà il numero prefissato, il che vuol dire, che il testo non uscirà fuori dallo schermo. Per cui: Ovviamente, se ci sono più \xfffe bisogna controllare anche i successivi nello stesso modo, non limitatevi solo al primo. Solitamente, i blocchi massimi prima di andare a capo oscillano tra i 25/30, ma per evitare il maggior numero di errori possibili, attenetevi a quelli già dati. Inoltre il 21 è riferito all'esempio, per cui non preoccupatevi se sono maggiori o inferiori. E se usate questo metodo, ricordatevi di eliminare i numeri indicativi. CONSIGLI GENERALI \xf000Ă\x0001\x0000\xfffe. Cos'è. Come tradurlo. Il comando \xf000Ă\x0001\x0000\xfffe si riferisce ad un qualcosa di specifico nel gioco. Può essere un oggetto, un Pokèmon. Analizziamolo nel contesto: In questo caso, si riferisce propriamente ad un Pokèmon, con cui grazie al comando \xf000Ă\x0001\x0000\xfffe la frase viene estesa a tutti i Pokèmon. Come tradurlo dall'inglese. In questo caso, la 's si riferisce al Genitivo Sassone (Spero non abbiate bisogno di questo link, ma per chi non sapesse a cosa mi riferisco : http://www.nspeak.com/newbasic/grammatica/genitivosassone.htm )per cui, per tradurlo in italiano dobbiamo seguire le regole imposte dalla nostra lingua, spostando dunque il comando: Per farvi meglio capire, sostituiamo il Comando con il nome di un Pokèmon (Non Fatelo quando traducete) <- QUESTO è SOLO UN ESEMPIO, CHARMANDER è AL POSTO DEL COMANDO \xfee\xf000\xfe00\ <- IN ITALIANO Per cui, ecco un esempio pratico, con il comando nella frase: INGLESE: Il comando si trova all'inizio. ITALIANO: Il comando segue "L'attacco di" Codifica del Testo Tradotto Al fine di non perdere alcuna formattazione del testo, salvate il file modificato in UTF-8 anzichè ANSI. A volte potrebbe comparirvi un messaggio di conferma, che vi chiederà come salvare il testo. Scegliete annulla e selezionata UTF-8 dal menù a tendina prima di salvare. Questo per noi "simbolo" : 봅 non viene letto correttamente dalla codifica ANSI, perciò nel momento in cui andrete a salvare il file.txt, il Blocco Note vi chiederà se salvare perdendo i Dati e quindi scegliere OK (NO!) oppure salvarlo con un altra codifica e quindi scegliere Annulla. Vi si aprirà la finestra di Salvataggio, in cui dovrete selezionare dal menu a tendina la codifica "UTF-8" (Vedi immagine sottostante):
  5. Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver Upgraded Trainers Summary In this hack I will update the levels of the trainers in Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver. The levels are just too low, and this hack will hopefully improve the game a lot. Editing levels of wild pokemon has been schemed too, although finishing the trainers' levels is first priority. Polls Using polls, I will ask you some things about the hack. I ask you to give your opinions on subjects. Progress _________________________________________________ version 1.0. -Upgraded all trainers up to and including the Elite Four, so all of Johto can be played! -Some of Kanto has already been done, but not tested yet, so it is advised not to go to Kanto yet. -Again, Rematches haven't been done yet _________________________________________________ Version 0.3: - Upgraded all trainer levels up to Ilex Forest. - Rematches haven't been dealt with yet, but will be after E4 _________________________________________________ Questions and requests can be posted. Upgraded trainer HGSS 1.0.rar
  6. Version 6 details. Thanks to Rykin and Poryhack, some graphics have been edited. It now comes with Katakana names for the guys who care about legit Pokemon. The Pokemart's sells men should now be mostly in english. There have been many fixes to some of the item names and descriptions. The Fly screen has been translated. No$GBA users, if you have version 2.6 for No$GBA, set option NDS-Cartridge Backup Media to FLASH 512KBytes. Make sure you save options and restart the emulator afterwards. Also the following code helps with the black screens, use it as AR and RAW. Thanks to Chase-san. 020DD9E4 E1A00000 Version 6 Progress: Ability Names: 100% Complete Ability Descriptions: 100% Complete Attack Names: 100% Complete Attack Descriptions 100% Complete Bag: 100% Completed Battling Text: 100% Complete Bill's PC: 100% Completed Continue Screen: 100% Complete Item Names: 100% Completed* Menu: 100% Completed New Game Text: 100% Completed Options: 100% Completed Party Window: 100% Completed Pokemon Descriptions: 100% Completed Pokemon Classifications: 100% Completed Pokemon Summary Pages: 100% Completed Saving: 100% Completed Trainer Card: 100% Completed** Trainer Names: 100% Completed*** Trainer Types: 100% Completed Vs Recorder: 100% Completed Apricorn Case ~50 Completed Item Descriptions ~95% Completed Locations: ~85% Completed Pal Pad ~90% Completed Pokemart Text: ~90% Completed Wi-Fi Menus: ~95% Completed Wi-Fi Trading: ~95% Completed Wi-Fi Plaza: ~75% Completed Pokedex Interface: 0% Completed and more to be announced. Dialog Translation Progress: All major events up to the First Gym have been translated**** I am not going to be doing anymore dialog translations, It just seems like too much work for nothing. If you want a dialog translation, please see Magnius' translation. Magnius' Translation: http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=179686 Graphics: Pokemon type completed YES/NO button completed statuses semi-completed logo completed Wi-Fi WIN/LOSE/DRAW completed *Some Item names maybe incorrectly translated, if so please report it. **Everything is in English text wise, but there are some Japanese symbols that are part of the trainer card graphic. *** ****Dialog translation may not be entirely accurate. DOWNLOADS Version 6 Download: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=MTB5QW1E Mirror: http://rapidshare.com/files/286641692/HGSS_English_Patch.rar Version 6 + Rudolph's anti-piracy patch Download: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=TDWCQQ3R Mirror: http://rapidshare.com/files/286646931/HGSS_English_Patch___Rudolph_Patch.rar
  7. Pokémon Black X | Pokémon White X Base Game: Pokémon Black (U) | Pokémon White (U) Last Updated: Last Year Summary: Pokemon Black and White X are hacks brought to you by me(Dan Firan), cataboy123, Drayano, Oxnite, Pedro250, KazoWAR, Aninymouse, Andibad, Neltazero, SugarBaby, Kaphotics, My best friend Blaxe and of course Nintendo. The main purpose of this hack is to give the players a new experience with improved Pokémon and new battles. How far will you go to get all 649 Pokémon? This hack allows you to catch all 649 known Pokémon. This may not be a good hack at all. But it isn't my job to judge, it's yours. Credits: cataboy123: He helped me to re-start my project by inspiring me. Drayano: He started all of this. Without him this hack wouldn't've seen the light of day. Oxnite: His OxATTACK tool helped me, it might be small, but its worth mentioning. Pedro250: His EVOLUTION EDITOR really helped, it might be small, but its worth mentioning. KazoWAR: .........................*speechless*. He was the one that helped me most. Replacing OW sprites, MUGS, and battle sprites were all possible 'cause of him. Also the Wild editing and Trainer Editing were possible because of him. Aninymouse: VERY inspring person here. Andibad: Andi's tools and his inspiring words really helped me. Nintendo: Of course, without these guys, the game itself wouldn't exist. SugarBaby: He replied to my PM, even though he wouldn't've been able to help with my hack. Kaphotics: And of course, Kaph. Without him the interaction levels would've stayed the way they normally are. And to you my good reader: for playing the hack or reading this thread. Screenshots: Progress: Trainer editing: 99.9% Pokémon modifications: 99.9% Move-set mods: 100% Move mods: 100% Interaction Levels: 100% Items: 100% Text: 25.4% Trade Data: 100% Overall: 90.7% Known bugs: I haven't heard of any bugs yet. But be sure to report to this thread if you find out a bug.
  8. randomspot555 edit:Any talk of pirating games, linking to pirated games, bragging about downloading/playing pirated games, or asking how to steal games will result in a temporary, 2 week ban and a 100 point infraction. now back to your regular thread: POKEMON BLACK 2 AND WHITE 2 WILL BE (ROUGHLY TRANSLATED) into ENGLISH once it's out and when the tools are available. If they are available day one I will start right away. Please understand that all menus and such will be almost exactly as a normal USA release, but what trainers say may, or may not be 100%. We were really close on the original Pokemon Black and White version if you were following, so you know what to expect. As you may know Black and White 2 are to be released on June 23rd in Japan and in Autumn in the USA. In other words this will be a very quick project and will require a lot of work in such a little amount of time. You know I LOVE these kinds of challenges and am up for it! Please feel free to submit your tools that might be useful for this project. I'm really hoping it's similar to the original versions of black/white. Stay Tuned, and I will be seeing you on June 23rd.
  9. During my playthrough of Generation V of the games, I felt that some pokemon especially potentially powerful species are only available after the E4, including ones that involve Fishing or only at Victory Road. These powerful species being late bloomers will not make it in time for the trainer, assuming that he is not using Pokesav, to train them to a point they are capable of taking on the Elite Four and Team Plasma's elite members. To add salt to the wound, the creators of the game actually only allowed fishing to be accessible after the E4. So the player will have to contend with fewer species to choose from within the game! This is only made worse with the fact that White Forest or certain routes are only available after you defeat the E4; Some of those routes contain many potentially powerful species too. This hack will seek to resolve the issues by changing the encounter locations of certain species as if they were an ecology and also gives the player more choices to pick for their next fighter in the team. This hack will not add Pokemon from previous generations unless they are to be encounter in that place only after the Elite 4. Pokemon Black/white is now also more of a hunter's expedition because some good species have be edited to be rare so the player is going to have to go through a few more wild encounters before you will encounter that "potentially powerful" or rare species for your team. Testers and suggestions are welcome Credits Myself-- Siam on Project Pokemon/ FlameEntei on Pokecommunity. Drayano – the first guy that I knew that who how to edit wild encounters in B/W Aragornbird- For teaching me how to edit wild Encounters Kazowar- Evolution editor Andibad- For being supportive of my hack Twistedfate- Creation of the stats editor neltazero-Creation of the Wild Pokemon Editor. Features: 1. More species to catch Swamp Pokemon are also included. 2. Starters are catchable Oshawott can be found Route 1- Surf Spot Tepig can be found at Dreamyard- Grass Snivy can be found at Pinwheel Forest[inner] 3. No need to fish to encounter some species Surfing routes that are available before the elite 4 will have fishing exclusive species available during surfing and surfing rare spots. 4. Gym Leaders are stronger Gym Leaders will not be so easy to defeat as their teams become a little more diverse in their moves. The first 4 gym leaders will have Pokemon of slightly higher levels. Somewhat at above 20 and below 30 Changes v1.0: Wild data Route 1 Route 2 Dreamyard Route 3 Wellspring Cave Pinwheel Forest outer Pinwheel Forest inner Route 4 Desert Resort Relic Castle Route 5 Route 6 Route 7 Route16 Lostlorn Forest Mistralton Cave Driftveil Bridge Celestial Tower Download
  10. I've started this thread because nobody did it. I dont know how to put the files back, so when we're done I'll ask Kaarosu if he wants to make a patch of it -Progress- Done: 0000.txt 0001.txt 0002.txt I guess that this is the right directory, PM me if I made a mistake, this is the first time I'm doing this stuff http://github.com/bjfh/Pokemon-Black-White-Dutch-Translation-Files Try to not use the word ROM too much, and the subject ROM everyone who knows Dutch and English/Japanese is welcome. Translate the English stuff in the 0000 directory, then place your commits in the 0001 directory, so we can make a double sectored game I guess that it will be better if we just translate the stuff that is already translated too English, because most of us don't have enough Japanese knowledge. (Including myself) You may talk in Dutch, but only in this thread.
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