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  1. HEY! I need help in replacing HGSS in-battle hp status bar with Platinum's! Reasons: Personally I believe it is cooler. Takes up "lesser space" I prefer black to silver (silver makes it feel plain, to me) I like the protruding arrow Etc If no one wants to help me make a patch, Perhaps teach me how to do so?? Thanks!
  2. I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to editing a DS ROM, so honestly I'll probably have to be treated like I'm a 4 year old invalid. Okay, so you know how once you choose your gender, the character you don't pick is put into the support role? Well, I hate their names. lol I'd like to change them on all three games, but I have no idea what files would need to be edited or what tools would be needed to do so, or if editing the hex would be the only way to currently do so. Pearl - Lucas to Diamond Diamond - Dawn to Platina Platinum - Lucas to Diamond Possible? Impossible? Hard? Easy?
  3. Hello I have found a program that look like pokesav but i cannot read it`s japans can some on tel what you can do whit this? PMR_V0_1__1_.2.1b19.rar
  4. I modified the file that is in narc poketool / trgra to perfection thanks to Crystal Tile 2, but when I change the trfgra.narc with coaches from other games with Crystal Tile 2 and PokeDSPicPlatinumTrainers, does nothing and the coach keeps coming the same. Please help me
  5. I can't seem to find the sheets for the DP hero/heroine VS Seeker animation in my DP ROM. How do I locate it? Also, PokeTEX occasionally terminates without warning (almost always while selecting files). How do I rectify this?
  6. I can't, for my life, get this to work. I've been trying the WiFi tool found here: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?t=2 It's being very stubborn, and none of the settings in the ini file will change, thus I can't set the proper setup to backup. That, or my router is being retarded and won't let it through. Is there anything like the GBA backup tool, that lets you copy it straight onto the flashcart microSD without the FTP WiFi stuff? Thanks, epicNeo. And if you can't help me or there is no way to fix this, I'll just go ahead and buy the NDS USB Backup Tool, as that might work faster, easier, with less stress for me. EDIT: Crap. Got it to work. I didn't put it in the ROOT ; But now whenever I try to back it up, I get this message, and can't see anything wrong with the setup: "Data transfer failed. Please do over again. (A): Confirm" I've retried over and over, but to no avail. It also seems to be connecting to my computer. What could be wrong? Are there not enough privledges? (Vista UAC maybe?)
  7. hey im new to these forums but im sure that at least one of you guys will know the answer to this as this is an amazng site, im having trouble with adavnced text to edit roms? when i try to open it it comes up with this... : sorry guys, i cant insert the image, not working but you can see it on this page, its a box which says like it needs to close http://www.yugiohcardmaker.net/thread-139128-post-2622242.html#pid2622242 you can see it on that forum there sorry i cant seem to put it onto here anyway, could someone help me with this, i need to fix it quickly... thx guys
  8. Are there any tools to change sprites of pokemon in platinum? not just recoloring but putting in a new pokemon.
  9. Hello All, I saw a video from Fenzo and the ??? Arceus, and now I was wondering if it's possible to get it myself? Using the Edit Tools (Or if Fenzo wants to send a patch from the game to me) Regards Vliegtuig
  10. is there a way to add new trainers in pokemon platinum like cynthia, cyrus, dawn, your rival and other trainers? i'm not good in rom hacking/editing so if anyone knows a easy way to do it (if its posible) i would be verry happy (if this isnt the place were i post something like this i'm very sorry, its my first thread here )
  11. Is it possible for to be made my trainer sprite? If so, can someone help me and send me the .narc file?
  12. Is there a way to make Giratina stay in origin form without it having to hold the orb?
  13. Hello everyone I was just trying the hacking thing and what I was basically trying to do is change the hero cloth hat, shirt too black it work for his on map one (I use poketex) but the battle one does not (use image converter) I get a error say the image must be 8pbb or something like that which I really dont get what that means? Also and another hack rom I tried replacing the hero sprites for riley (again using poketex) I know some sprites are missing but I was woundering if theres anyway of putting my own made sprites instead of just swapping? Also in the battle part when the trainer throws his pokeball I still get the hero sprite even though I change all of his sprite on image converter on the trbgra.narc file. I hope anyone gets what I'm saying and any help would be really awesome.
  14. Ok so this is what I want to do. I want to change the opening credits of Pearl so when it shows the credits like © 2007 Pokemon and all that at the beginning to something that I want. Where can I find that when I open the ROM up in HxD?
  15. Question in subject. Looking to find someone who can do that.
  16. Does Pokesav recognize PDED? I've edited buterfree in PDED, but when I do stat max in Pokesav, it shows that nothing happened. I've done this both before, and after saving with the altered ROM. Help pls? P.S. It's a platinum ROM so maybe that's why?
  17. Does anyone know a permanent code for changing your appearance/sprite to a hiker? I used one but it wasn't permanent.
  18. How can I change my pearl sprite? Like to ace trainer or something.
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