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  1. Slayer, you are amazing. I have done it and it has worked. thank you so much for helping me. Sorry for being a pain in the ass about all of this.
  2. I have been looking for two hours and I'm either blind or stupid. Sorry to ask but could you link the plugin,?
  3. I know I can’t reuse the pokeball plus. I want to remove the record because I didn’t want to claim Mew on my game. I wanted to do it on let’s go, but I was not paying attention and put it on my shield. I know that won’t make it redeemable again, I just want to remove the record from my game. is it possible and what do I need to edit in the data box on pkhex?
  4. I want to remove the entry from my shield save file that I claimed Mew. What do I need to edit on pkhex in order to do that?
  5. What do I do now. How do i remove the claimed mew icon?
  6. Okay, I got my save onto pkhex, what do I do now?
  7. I never actually claimed a Mew, I have no idea why the block of text says that I claimed one. I only claimed one on let's go. Thank you for the help, I will now look up how to upload my switch save data to pkhex so i can edit the gift block and remove the text.
  8. Thank you for responding, I am sorry for making multiple threads. I won't do that again. I was wondering if you know how to delete it from the record that I claimed Mew?
  9. I want to know if you can remove the mythical mew item from my claimed mystery gift list?
  10. It says on my claimed list in shield that I claimed mew. I would like to remove the icon that says I claimed mew. is this possible? any help is appreciated
  11. The Gmax pikachu trader in the wild area says that It already gave me Gmax pikachu. i don't have any save data on Let's go pikachu and it bugs me that the trainer says that I have save data on the game when I actually don't. I'm a completionist. Can anyone please help me reset the trader in the wild area so it doesn't offer me Gmax pikachu or tell me it gave me Gmax pikachu. i will trade 2 Zarude and an eternatus. Please help me
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