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  1. Having the same issue with several wonder cards. Input code correctly, select as my activator. Insert code into DSi AR. Load game and load saved game. Activate code. Enter pokemon center... nothing.
  2. That could have been it with the card ID's, but I guess I'll request the thread closed now that there is a new version. Thanks Codr for the great program BTW!
  3. I looked and I seem to be the only one having this issue... When I load an event card (i.e. the new Spring Reshiram) into the new mystery gift section of pokegen, everything appears to work fine, and (aside from separate PC issues with code manager) I entered the code into my AR and booted the game. So far, so good. Upon activating the code in-game, however, the code does not appear to work (it should have the guy at the pokemon center that gives me the gift) and it renders me unable to open the menu to do anything (open bag, see party, save, etc). To me, this seems like either a problem with the code pokegen gives me or my AR. I'm willing to accept that it's my AR if this does seem to be just my problem.:bidoof: Software/Hardware in use: Pokegen, AR code manager, AR DSi, DS Lite console, Pokemon White Version (US). OS: Win 7 x64 EDIT: Right now I'm trying the wonder card editor to see if it's a bad card or something. Also, I just remembered that I also recently used the same process for my Pearl version and it worked fine...
  4. I love all of the add-ons that firefox has, but at one point I did experience a slowdown because I put too many lol Oh and yes, I have tried chrome, opera, IE, none quite cut it for me...
  5. [ATTACH=CONFIG]6707[/ATTACH]I just thought I would share this with you guys and gals. I call this masterpiece: Ultimate Poneage. If you save the pic, you can sort of see that I have, from my left: Goyo Guardian Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon Stardust Dragon And a Red Eyes Darkness Dragon just itching to be summoned from the graveyard by RE DM Dragon's effect. OUCH.
  6. Really? Maybe it's just you then, because I have a Victini in my party now... Inserted with Pokegen, customized of course.
  7. What do you mean "fixed?" It works. There is no way to make it shorter. If you're using DeSmuME like me then just edit your save file with pokegen or something else (recommend pokegen, thread is on this site) and give yourself Victini. As I said earlier in this thread, for some reason it's under the name Bikutini...
  8. Doesn't the latest version of pokesav B/W already support this? BTW, it has been translated to english, credit to clonecharizard
  9. It's really not that hard... If you're making it into a code, you just select japan as the region on the code generator menu. If you're editing a save it's even easier, you just load the save file, load the pkm file, and set the pokemon into your PC. It's also much more complete than the latest pokesav at creating pokemon for hg/ss or b/w.
  10. Why don't you just edit the save file and add Victini into your PC/Party? You can use pokegen, it works great for this kind of editing and it also makes codes for individual pokemon. It has its own thread elsewhere. Use the Beta version for B/W support. That's what I did.
  11. For all the Pokegen users out there: the reason you can't find Victini in the pokemon list is that the name is MISSPELLED! Look for Bikutini, I guess that's what it was put in as... Sorry if this was already mentioned, but I was confused and thought others might be too.
  12. It is definitely WFC. I downloaded it. Once taken to the Pewter Museum, you see Steven Stone from Hoenn. Talk to him, and the fossil guy turns the Enigma Stone into a Soul Dew. Upon leaving the museum, Steven tells you Latias (SS) or Latios (HG) has arrived and is ready for a fight. You can then capture it or, less advised, defeat it. It will be Lv. 40. Oh, in my first post I was pointing out that less than half of ALL events are distributed outside Japan. I know many of the major ones are.
  13. It's about time another event came to countries other than Japan. Is this going to be through WFC, GameStop, or Toys R Us?
  14. since this is just "additional content", it probably won't make people download the ROM less. I'm sure that there will still be emulated versions of it around. All this bonus stuff seems like add-on content that really is just a futile attempt to get people to buy the game. Of course, people like us would buy it even without such content...
  15. I was actually wondering where things like this would be posted. Is this the right place?
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