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Genesect Code is not Working

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I'd like to start off with the fact that I'm new to this so cut me a little slack. Anyway is there something wrong with the Genesect Event because every time I try to get the Action Replay Code to work it does not. I followed these steps after I made the code using Pokegen.

You only have one enabled Wonder Card code at a time.

The target game, that is, Options > Target game, is set to the correct game(s).

The code generator dialog has the correct game selected.

You're selecting the desired Wonder Card slot from the code generator dialog drop-down list.

You're attempting to activate the code after loading your save file in-game.

You're activating the code with the buttons you selected in the code generator dialog.

You're then opening the in-game menu, as in the menu where the save button is.

If you were already in a Pokemon center and the delivery NPC isn't there, you need to leave and re-enter.

But nothing has happened. I'm trying to do it with my Pokemon White 2 because I missed the event any ideas?

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Having the same issue with several wonder cards.

Input code correctly, select as my activator.

Insert code into DSi AR.

Load game and load saved game.

Activate code.

Enter pokemon center...


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You can't make Mystery Gift codes for Black 2 and White 2 until 4.0 release of Pokegen.

Does anyone know when Pokegen 4.0 will be available?

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Did a little trial and error and found that many of the Black 2 and White 2 Event Codes work on first Black and White such as the Event Genesect for B/W 2 don't know if this helps but yeah

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