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  1. Hello I downloaded a rom with an emulator on my Mac and it works well but now I have a question if I can connect my rom on the Mac with my diamond game on my 3ds is this possible? Please help Thanks in advance
  2. Thank you very much it worked but how can I connect my Mac book to my 3ds/switch now?
  3. After I finally was able to download the pokehx file on Mac and it worked I have a question how can I connect my switch/3ds with my Mac book please help thanks in advance
  4. Please can anybody post a guide what to download and where I find this for Mac Catalina I don't get it and it doesn't work I tried everything im lost thanks in advance
  5. MasterMjun

    Mac Book

    Does this file work on Mac and is it safe and how can I transfer Pokemon from my 3ds my Mac Book does it work with a charging devise or do I need a 3ds Pokemon game card reader Please answer thanks in advance
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