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  1. I see, thanks. on a different note, another wrnog illegal flag, this is the gift cursola we got sometime ago, flagged as illegal by PkHex legality 864 - Cursola - 3007BC4C7739.pk8
  2. The legendaries you get from the arena, when shiny, are also flagged illegal
  3. Legality Issue: this Alakazam caught in the Isle of Armor appears as illegal. legality 065 - Alakazam - 77BB47CE1FC4.pk8
  4. Not keeping it ok - but what if you release one after catching it. Namely, I want to release my caught Suicune who isn't shiny. Can I get another chance?
  5. so, I've been reading that if you end up capturing your CT Lair legendary in its non-shiny state, if you release it and re-attempt the lair, it will re-appear and you have a second chance. How realistic is that being true and not a stupid troll post?
  6. So, I noticed that on both Bulbapedia and Serebii the item Sacred Ash does have a description in Sw/Sh. But, for the life of me, I cannot find it in either PkHex or the main game. What am I missing? EDIT: not related to Crown Tundra directly as the description was there from the base game.
  7. urgh, right in the feels, as this feels painfully close since 2016
  8. that sounds a bit unfair to those of us who keep their mouth shut
  9. I do,thank you. I dont have gen 7 tho
  10. How does sending to Bank give HA?
  11. Thank you. I agree - and it probably would be possible to do so without gaining a single level. Question, however: how would the final mon look like, in PkHex?
  12. Excellent thank you. I just wanted to move them to IV in order to teach Roost, then keep them in Home until Crown Tundra comes.
  13. It did sound suspicious hehe thanks. But from VC2 they can't be moves to Gen 8, can they? Even with an intermediate stop in gen IV?
  14. Is there any way to obtain those legit, and if so, could someone do it for me, pleaes?
  15. Aren't height-weight values actually working differently, in the sense that they range between pre-set sizes?
  16. Oh yeah that makes more sense hehe
  17. Well, obviously. It is quite impolite to point it out like that, however .
  18. I thought you were a dev, theSLAYER?
  19. I have a question: does simply changing the "language" drop-down, so that the summary page displays the different language code, works, or do I have to change also a value at 0xE3? Thanks!
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