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  1. I made multiple posts with the same thing because I had the same "problem" at more than 1 WC6 file, so I just got lazy and CTRL+C CTRL+V on their pages. My bad! Ok, thank you!
  2. Yeah, apparently this is the thing. You need to drag the event, view it then set it again. This worked for me, thank you so much! Hope it helps people until a fix or something isn't released. Thank you!
  3. The WC6 file date doesn't match a possible date described on this post. Wich one is correct?
  4. Hey guys! I'm familiar to wondercard editing with PkHex, and I tried to get myself an Eon Ticket on my Alpha Sapphire game. However, i'm getting the same problem some people already had, the old "get ticket but doesn't trigger event" stuff. I've done my research on how to solve this problem, but couldn't do it so far. At first I tried to use the WC6 on the English Event Gallery section, but then I just went and tried everything I found on the internet (different WC6, old PkHex versions, disabling flags, etc.), but with no success. I've also noticed that my "Latios Defeated" flag was checked before even editing anything. Tried to disable it, but still, with no effect. My save file is attached, and so is the WC6 used. I also tried to use a old PkHex version (unknown version, found at an old post with the same problem), but I'm using the PkHex 190515 at the moment. I don't know if it matters, but i'm using a Homebrew 3DS XL to Export/Import the saves on the cartridge through JKSM (Homebrew menu version, not the CIA one), but i'm also testing on Citra. EDIT: Edited to add more (maybe) useful info. 2048 ORAS - Serial Code Item Eon Ticket (ENG).wc6 main
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