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  1. Thanks! Though Heracross shows invalid on latest PKHEX. Got anymore shiny pk8 eggs to share?
  2. can we transfer items such as pokeballs from CFW to non-CFW?
  3. Oh cool! i guess Iihave to explore pkhex more. Thanks for the tip!
  4. Thank you for the response. It is very helpful. How about this scenario: gen 8 to be injected to my CFW and these will be traded individually to my Non-CFW. In PKHEX, can I bulk rename the OT of all Gen 8 so it will be "legally" owned by my Non-CFW once they are traded?
  5. Hi, I am new to Pokémon games and just bought Pokémon Sword for my Switch. I have tools available and i need some help/clarification on something. Tools: Switch on CFW, JKSV Switch lite OFW with Nintendo Online subscription PKHEX Save files - Gen 1 to 8 from Project Pokémon Planning to get - Pokémon Home premium subscription i can load saves to my CFW via JKSV & PKHEX I can trade individual Pokémon from CFW to OFW Questions: How can I load all gen 1 to 8 to my CFW? I am seeing gen 1, 2 as old Pokémon data from previous games. can I merge all save files of Gen 1 -8 and load it in CFW? Granting I have bulk Pokémon in my CFW Pokedex, can I transfer builk Pokémons to my OFW Poekdex instead of trading them individually? If I have Pokémon Home premium subscription, would it be possible to load PKHEX data to Pokémon Home? Hoping someone can help me. Thanks!
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