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  1. poke_trademainbackup Here is my save file if someone could take a look and see where I went wrong. Thank you!
  2. Yeah, I always export the save - then I restore the save I just brought over from pkhex and load game back up. I noticed today It changed the den from fairy to ice, which is what I was going for, however the pokemon I chose was Cetitan and pokemon shown was Tinkaton. Don't know if I did something wrong there. Is raid 01 always the 6 star raid? I made sure my time and date were correct. I have it synced to the internet. Could I send you my save file and see what the issue could be?
  3. I edit the seed and the content that you mentioned and it doesn't seem to do anything in my game. Sorry, but I am trying to figure out what I am doing wrong.
  4. I figured out how to do this, however after I use the raid calc to determine the seed that I want to use, I enter it and save and export save back to JKSV. But when I go back into my game it is not there. Am I missing something with this?
  5. Sorry guys, total n00b here. I believe someone asked earlier if someone could walk through step by step or make a video showing how to do this. I am somewhat tech savvy, but am having a hard time understanding how to get this to work. Thanks for the help, much appreciated!
  6. I have injected my ROM into my n2ds and have dumped the save from gm9. I have done some editing on vba and am trying to override my gbavc.sav file using HxD. Only problem is that it changes the file size when I try to do that. How do I fix the issue? Here are both my files if someone could help I'd greatly appreciate it. 000400000094C000.gbavc.sav Pokemon - Leaf Green.sav
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