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  1. Hey all, haven't been here in awhile. I just started to play my Heart Gold again and was wondering if I could get these Ditto's for breeding made for me. I would greatly appreciate it. I want them to be from a Japanese Silver game, so when I breed them with my American PKMN the chances of getting a shiny increases. Also if there is some way to have these traded to me that would be great since I don't have an AR. Thank you again.
  2. thanks for the fixed code. About the Japanese cartridge question, I just wanted to know if the code would work on a Japanese SS, since I didn't want to use the code on my main game (HG) since I was worried using the Action Replay leaves junk data on the cartridge. Is it possible to make the code for SS but have the PKMN in the code look like they are from a HG game?
  3. thanks very much, can I use this code on a Japanese Soul Silver cartridge? I ask only cause I heard when u use an AR on ur game it leaves a junk code or something. I just dont want any junk codes or data on my Heart Gold cartridge.
  4. If anyone can make these 2 PKMN for me, for a Wifi Trade please or AR Code, whichever is easier. Please use PID/IV Generator. If you have to make any changes to IV's let me know, but try to keep them as close as possible.
  5. its weird cause for a game where all u do is take pictures i was addicted. i still remember the levels, my favorite was either the valley or maybe the cave. i remember the cave level had a butt load of secrets...
  6. <p><p><p><p><p>Hey Ray just wanted to see what's up, haven't seen you on lately. Heard you were in the military so just wanted to wish you luck stay safe dude...</p></p></p></p></p>

  7. I know that not everyone has the time, but if anyone can make these for me I would appreciate it very much. Please use PID/IV Generator. Let me know if you had to make changes if any, to get them right. Thank you very much.
  8. If you can can you please make these PKMN Please use PID/IV Generator and let me know if you had to make changes if any
  9. if anyone can get these made for me, i asked for these before but needed to change a few things to them, i would really appreciate it a lot, but i know people are busy... please PID/IV generator and let me know the changes that have to be made if any... also can i get these over Wifi trade if it is possible... Thanks very much
  10. ok thanks very much i wanted to make sure the SS PKMN look Japanese since i had the Japanese SS, so as long as they legit and from a Japanese Region game it is fine but if u can't make them like that is ok just the American ones then. also if it is possible can someone trade them to me over wifi? again thanks very much...
  11. will they look like they came from a japanese game?
  12. the trainers are male. for the japanese will they show up as Japanese in the game?
  13. if anyone can get these made for me, i would really appreciate it a lot, i know people are busy... Thanks very much
  14. hey if there is anyone who can make up this request please, i know there are a lot of requests and not a lot of people who can do them or have the time. Thanks very much
  15. Request for one PKMN please Please use PID/IV generator, please try to make as legit as possible Thank you very much
  16. Thanks Mewchu. Yeah I wish I had the software but I have a Mac and there is always never a version for Mac for things like that. I even tried running Crossover but it epic failed hahahaha. Also by the way what game are the codes for? And of course Thank you very much.
  17. Hey Mewchu would it be ok if you made me codes for the Dittos u posted for me on pg. 25 please? Just please don't make them into one long code I have to put them in buy hand. Thanks very much and sorry for the trouble.
  18. Does anyone know if getting all three dogs is possible or do they give u a choice of only one...
  19. Hey Kunai when u have time can you trade me the pkmn files Mewchu posted for me on page 25.
  20. yeah i thought about those names back when G/S came out too. i hope they at least have the starters out soon so we can see what we have to work with, and that the rest of the PKMN at least look a bit better in design then the last two generations. i only found a hand full of PKMN from R/S and D/P i liked. but either way i probably will buy it.
  21. Hey was wondering if I can still get these when you have the time. If it is too much you don't have to make them all; and can you trade them over wifi? Thank you
  22. Was wondering if I can get these PKMN, just a bunch of Ditto made for breeding... I understand it may be a little much but I would greatly appreciate it. I'll be on all day and am in no rush so let me know, thank you. Also is there anyone who can wifi trade these requests to me?
  23. I agree on the Kangaskhan baby being a playable PKMN, never knew why they didn't use that before. I feel that the Tauros/Miltank baby form would be cool, one for each gender. I think they need to give Shuckle something new, like give him Berry Juice or something and he evolves. Hopefully they won't redo too many old PKMN, new form or not, I feel that was done to death in D/P/Pt.
  24. I just have a request for someone to take a Pokemon from me to find its Secret ID, and then to make two PKMN please. I just started my Heart Gold want to use them while going throw the story.
  25. hey i was wondering if there is a calculator to check ur trainer id so u can tell what trainer u can look like, instead of playing until violet city and having to start over if u dont have the right one. i ask because i want to have my trainer look like a bug trainer. im crazy i know.
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