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  1. I have been good and welcome back to Projectpokemon i hope you are doing good i also joined 1 year ago so you might not know me. I have been upto just playing pokemon Mystery dungeon games both sky and darkness :) What have you been upto these days since you are not a big pokemon person 

  2. i am very sorry if i did this in the wrong area i did not know where to put this post. anyways Nintendo has released a new firmware of on the 3ds.

    What is new to this version??

    well Nintendo has made further improvements to the system stability and a few minor adjustments.

    Should Hombrew users update to this version?

    currently i personally think that you should not update to this firmware until further information comes out.

    Thank you for reading this information 

  3. 1. go to your name PokePrincess then go to account settings then signature where u see a pencil sign then edit from there. @PokePrincess

    the 2nd question i do not the know what is a cover photo dimension

    3. the third question if am answering it correctly (Please someone correct me if i am wrong) the stuff will look at your profile and then check if u have contributed to this site in a good way.

    and the 4th question i am guessing this one is that you have to get to a certain number of posts of certain number of member's total reputation to be actually called a member of the site.   

  4. OK with the Superpower u have chosen please decide would u be a evil person and have the power to destroy the world or be a superhero and help the society and other people who needs help.

    i thought this might be a good thing to discuss because if superpowers did exist i would like to know who would become a bad person or who would become a good person

    here is the link for the post where i made the superpowers



  5. 1 minute ago, jojo12100 said:

    I have a theory about: it's because of the Gender Unknown Group.

    In that case which Pokeball should the baby Pokemon inherit?

    But they can resolve that case in gen8 I really hope so (and distribute DreamBall/ParkBall/ContestBall Ditto as well).

    it is confusing that if the Pokemon was a male or a female Pokemon or did not have a gender in the first place. that it would make sense that it did not pass down the ball in the first place. but they should really fix that when Gen 8 comes out.

    For Example:

    if the Pokemon was a Male it should Pass down the ball

    If the Pokemon was a Female it should also pass down the ball

    But if the Pokemon had an unknown gender (NO GENDER) it should not pass down the ball and be a regular pokeball instead 

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