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    Hi, is there any way that I can make the window size bigger? I've been using your OS app version since somehow I could not build app version correctly with WINE anymore (even when I followed your instruction on the other topic). When I open it, a size of the window is too small to see the Japanese characters I know if I use PKHeX with English, it shows correctly, but I'm not a native English speaker and names between Japanese and English are way too different, so it's really inconvenient for me to use Eng version. andmay be this is not the reason why I can't make a window size bigger, but I open PKHeX.app through Wineskin Launcher because when I click PKHeX.app, it won't even bounce but nothing happens. So if there's any way that the characters appear correctly, please teach me how.... ------ My Mac OS ver: 10.13.2 (High Sierra)
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