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  1. IT WORKED!!!! That's amazing!! totally worth the 3 hour speed run!! I just started the plasma team encounter, hopefully it goes all smoothly until the end! Thank you so much I appreciate it!
  2. Hello friend! I just speed ran through almost the entire game and I just got the 7th gym badge! In this (fixed) save Drayden is standing RIGHT THERE and is waiting for me walk up to him. Unlike my initial save from a few days ago, he disappeared and when I walk towards his house the game freezes. Is there any way you could help me import the event flags to my original corrupted save file? Because my progression, items, Pokémon completed trainer battles and etc are all there. My 2 saves files are are the IDENTICAL spot in the main story, it's just that in my new save Draiden is here, and t
  3. I'm testing it out right now! All the areas are flyable so I'm beating the last gym right now, I'll let you know how it goes. I don't know if I can get the Reshiram or Kyurem though Edit: nvm game freezes after I beat the 8th gym... I guess hope is lost unless I just want to roam the post game. But thank for the help though I appreciate it
  4. I never used a cheat code to skip badges, I never had bugs in the game until I beat draiden and got the 7th gym badge but if the only solution is to skip right through to the E4 I'll take it! I appreciate the help
  5. Hi friend! I just saw that you edited my save file with event blocks you had before, thank you very much!!! It works fine up until I defeat zinzolin (the plasma elder guy) but then when the cutscene plays the game freezes because Draiden doesn't appear for some reason I don't know why, I haven't edited anything important in the game to make it corrupted like this in the first place...
  6. Ok I managed to properly alter the save using HxD, and Draiden appeared! However when I walk to him, usually the game would force a cutscene of him going towards his house and me following. However now there is no forced cutscene and he just stands there, when I talk to him he just says a few words then stays put. So I saved, made my [after] file and when I set my load old and load new it says "No event constant diff found" I literally have no idea what to do now. When I exported that its the same problem as I had before, nothing changed. When I would walk up to where Draiden would be at, gam
  7. I did everything correctly up until step 5 Played on [before], till right after the point hang/freeze But for some reason it still freeze when I walk up to where Draiden is supposed to be... I'll try again though On HxD when you "Search>Goto the same offset on your save, then Edit>Paste Write." Do you have to replace the blocks? Or just paste write it on the 1FF00 mark? Because I did the latter. Thanks
  8. Hi friend what do you use for Hex editor? Is it built in in PKHex or is a software you have to download on your pc? I'm sorry if these questions sound dumb I'm new to this
  9. Thank you my friend, I tried following your steps, but on step 2, "pasting the blocks into a hex editor" what does this mean exactly? Do you have any tutorials that explain this? I'm quite confused I do not know how this works. Thank you
  10. Hello everyone, I just beat Draiden and got the 7th gym badge, and right before I had to talk to him next to the house besides the pokemon center (I think this triggers the team plasma encounter) I saved and closed the game, when I opened the game again Draiden was nowhere to be found. If I walk towards the house where Draiden would be standing at, my game freezes I don't know what to do... Does anyone have any fixes? I am playing on a ds flashcart, but I also have TWilight Menu++ if that could help. I put my file down below if anyone is willing to check Thank you Pokem
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