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  1. I have tried to gen marked Pokemon with pkhex in Pokemon Sword, but they keep showing up as illegal. I made sure that the encounters matched up with the available encounters in game, and reset the PID after setting it as marked to make sure it is legal. It says "Encounter type PID mismatch". How do I make legal marked pokemon?
  2. Supposedly, Nintendo/GF can detect modified saves now. Does this mean that you can no longer use PKHeX on SWSH without getting banned? Or is it that you only get banned for illegal Pokemon (like shiny Zacian/Zamazenta)?
  3. Thanks for the help. I just assumed that when they were transferred, that they would get assigned a random h/w value, similar to ivs when transferred from vc.
  4. Here are a few of the pokemon i was talking about. Deposited them into bank, removed them, and loaded up the game. they were assigned tracking numbers but the illegal message still shows up. Also wanted to clarify that my gen 8 mons work fine, its only with the pokemon from past generations that i have this issue. 534 - Conkeldurr - 001C00000000.pk8 638 - Cobalion - 48EBBBCD02ED.pk8
  5. I made some legal pokemon in pkhex, and deposited them in home. Pkhex still says they're illegal. Is this normal?
  6. I just noticed that transferred pokemon are not working properly from gen 2 vc games. Here is a scizor from generation 2 vc, the legality check says it is legal, but when I try and use it online, it says "there is a problem with one or more of your pokemon" even though it says it's legal. Legal! === Valid Move 1: Learned by Level-up. Valid Move 2: Learned by TM/HM. Valid Move 3: Learned by TM/HM. Valid Move 4: Learned by TM/HM in Generation 2. Valid Relearn Move 1: Valid. Valid Relearn Move 2: Valid. Valid Relearn Move 3: Valid. Valid Relearn Move 4: Valid. Valid: Nickname matches species name. Valid: Current level is not below met level. Valid: All ribbons accounted for. Valid: Ability matches ability number. Valid: Correct ball for encounter type. Valid: Form is Valid. Valid: History block is valid. Valid: Geolocation: Country is in 3DS region. === Encounter Type: Egg (Scizor) GameVersion: GS PID Type: None ------- is this a bug with the program or am I doing something wrong
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