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  1. Hey, I already made a post about this but thought maybe asking here would be faster, I'm having difficulty editing tms and mart inventories in sun and moon, I put the code.bin file with the title id of my game into luma/code_sections after i edited tms but nothing changed, and when i put the shop.cro into SaltySD/SunMoon i crash when i talk to a mart clerk. everything else i've randomized is working fine though. Any way someone could help? Thanks in advance.
  2. You may not have extracted romfs.bin properly. Check that file, it should be around 3 gigabytes. If your computer or drive does not have enough space to extract the entire file it will spit out a smaller version, which when extracted, will not have all the files necessary for pk3ds.
  3. How big was your romfs.bin file? I ran into this error a lot and i found out it was because when i extracted romfs and exefs from my pokemon moon bin i did not have enough space on my computer, so it didn't extract the entire file. Romfs alone should be about 3 gigabytes.
  4. So I wanted to randomize Pokemon Moon and everything is going well, except for 2 things. I edited the PokeMart inventories, but when I put the cro file into my SunMoon folder and boot up my game, it crashes when I talk to one of the mart clerks. The other thing is the tms. I wanted to randomize the tms, and I did just that, but when I put the bin file into luma/code_sections and rename it to the same name as the original bin file in there, nothing happens. If anyone could help with either of these 2 things that would be greatly appreciated. I already spent hours looking online for solutions and no luck, so i came here. Thanks for the help! EDIT: I'm almost 100% sure this has to do with me not using the cro and bin files for the shops and tms (respectively) incorrectly, but I could be wrong and it's something with PK3DS.
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