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  1. Huh. When I was talking with him I got a file called PK3DS-Masters to use. If the trainers and static encounters tab works please let us know.
  2. I talked to him and the main source of the problem (or at least my problem which seems to be most of yours) is that the dump isn't complete. Some files that I had like the one to contain trainers and static encounters had zero information in them. So if anyone wants to try again with maybe a different method of exporting I would recommend that. And if that doesn't work he also said you can use someone's files to use in PKHEX and program over you're game. He gave me this link when he googled. If anyone tries this let us know how it goes. -snip-
  3. I talked with kaphotics and a problem might be that you're SD card is too small and when making the dump cuts off part of it. Happened to me at least .
  4. So no one has found any fix to this? That's odd. I would think a answer would be out by now. Has anyone made any progress at least? Mines still acting the same.
  5. Did you try that? I know there are many different ways to export using decrypt9 so did any of them work?
  6. There's also a program called decrypt9 I think? When I followed the tutorial to install CFW it installed it for me. It has many different options to dump a game. I tried dumping it to .cia then converting. It got the wild encounters window to work but not trainers and static encounters. If anyone has something they used that worked please share
  7. To anyone who's been having the crash problem, what did you use to export your dump of your 3DS? And to anyone who succeeded, what did you use? We might as well try to figure it out together. I used brain dump and it didn't work.
  8. So has anyone figured out a fix to this yet? I've been trying for a while now with no results.
  9. I think I'm using that version but could you link it to me just in case? I don't think that's my problem though.
  10. Is there anything I can do for this? I've tried 5 different times to create new romfs for this. I don't know what I'm doing wrong
  11. Also the randomizer only applies to the system, right? So if I put the cartridge I'm randomizing into another system it would return to normal?
  12. I tried the zip file and it still didn't work. I'm using Pokemon Moon by the way if that helps.
  13. Thanks for the help on Game Text Could you link me to one by any chance? Sorry I'm really new to this Also is there any way to change the music with PK3DS? Again thanks for the help.
  14. Is this a help thread for PK3DS? I had two questions? 1. How do I use the Game Text editor? I am curious as to how to edit text from Lillie or Kukui for example 2. How to I stop PK3DS from crashing when I try to randomize starters or trainers?
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