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  1. wwwwwwzx

    Gen7 RAM Map (WIP)

    Pokemon Temp Data Offset Type Description Before Generation 0x0 u64 Encryption Constant If = 0xFFFFFFFF FFFFFFFF, random u32 0x8 u32 PID If = 0xFFFFFFFF, random 0xC u32 PID Type 1: Anti-Shiny 2: Forced Shiny 3: Random 0x10 u64 OT TID/SID If = 0xFFFFFFFF FFFFFFFF, random u32 0x18 u16 Species ID 0x1A
  2. Self trading is not treated as legal. The pokemon that evolves by trade and doesn't have the memory of lastest handler is unnatural.
  3. Looks like it's hardcoded. sub_77279C for static gifts v16 = v42 == 380; if ( v42 != 380 ) v16 = v42 == 381; if ( !v16 ) v16 = v42 == 25; if ( v16 ) // Latias/Latios/Pikachu { v53 = 3; // Perfect IVs count v27 = v4[5]; v28 = sub_6F72F8(v4[5], 1); if ( v28 != 6 ) { v29 = sub_6F3B30(v27, v28); if ( sub_6F4548() == 28 ) // Synchro v46 = sub_6F7300(v29); } } else { v17 = *(v3 + 22); if ( v17 != -1 ) LOWORD(v49) = *(v3 + 22); v18 = *(v3 + 23); if ( v18 != -1 ) HIWORD(v49) = *(v3 + 23); v19
  4. Afaik, cosplay Pikachu should be IV3. Will look for how the game treat it.
  5. wwwwwwzx

    crabawler bug

    @Kaphotics I didn't find the exact source code, but I have a reasonable theory now. So basically the level of crabrawler only depends on the pile size. Big pile has 2 level higher crabrawler than the small one. RAM address 0x32DE3208 for berry piles status. + 0x25 is the bit flag for Crabrawler existence + 0x26 is the Crabrawler level + 0x28 is the regular berries table (6 x WORD) Several tests via debugger gives following results: https://github.com/wwwwwwzx/3DSRNGTool/blob/master/Data/BerryTrees.md And compare with the SuMo level range for Crabrawler,
  6. wwwwwwzx

    crabawler bug

    Only Crabrawler will have this problem and need more time to find the source. sub_3A3584 (UMv1.2) is the subroutine for random encounter level. It gets called for any wild, including pokemon in dividing peak tunnel and in-battle SOS call. (So Lv 26-29 is still the correct range for ally Crabrawlers) The level of crabrawler first encounter is more like map resources such as berries pile size, and can be SRed as daily events, afaik.
  7. Can confirm pokeradar should replace 4,5,10,11 Edited: I test slot 2, 10, 11 with the same patch as follow: I also checked slot 4,5. There are Grimer.
  8. it should be a pkhex bug and I can help fix it. But I'm not sure if the nickname should be flagged.
  9. Serebii showing incorrect info. You can check this website https://game8.jp/pokemon_sun_moon/128054 3 have HA 3 normal ability And another post shows goomy should have HA
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