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  1. That worked perfectly, thanks so much for the patience and help!
  2. https://www.screencast.com/t/gQpNVHoi I recorded the process i go through. The first part is me installing X11 and the second is me trying to run pkhex.
  3. I ran the .app version It asked for permission to run and open, after which is verified and then the icon just disappears from the dock and after I try to run it pops up on the dock for a half second and then disappears.
  4. I installed X11 and that didn't help, now i'm trying to use Wine Devel to run the .exe file but i need .net framework and i dont know how to port that over to mac using Wine Devel. I really appreciate all the help but if I become too bothersome don't worry about it
  5. No, i dont have x11 What is it and how do i get it?
  6. It didn't work with me due to Wine, I uninstalled Wine and it just bounces for a few seconds, then closes. Anytime I try to run PkHex it just closes after bouncing for half a second. Any suggestions?
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