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  1. While I'm not too experienced with importing 2D animations into games, I found the UI superb and professional looking, aside from a few small typos. To be honest, any small kinks in it would only be found through normal use, which isn't really possible now, so it might be better to get it working first before polishing up the UI. But it's up to you. Also, do you know where the starter-unique sprites (sleeping in hay, being tied to a pillar, etc.) can be found? I couldn't find them with the rest, but at the same time, I didn't look too hard. EDIT: Never mind, found them in "m_g
  2. Yes, I'm fully aware of that. I've replaced reserve entities before without any consequence. There's 19 of them to work with, double if you count the genders. What I was saying is that since the game is let up to allow the male and female have a different sprite, you might be able to have all the females be shiny, for example. Even neuter Pokémon like Groundon have a second "gender" entry that's just blanked out that could be used.
  3. Glad to see that this thread hasn't been forgotten! That editor certainly looks pretty robust already. On the topic of sprite editing, would you mind if I asked you if it's possible to add more sprites into the game, then just use PPMD StatUtil and change a Pokémon or reserve entity to have the new sprite? I ask this because that's the only really obstacle to adding new Pokémon into the game (other than the fairy type, but only a few need that), and because some people had the idea to remove gender in favour of having a shiny version of every Pokémon, which seems like a neat idea.
  4. Wasn't this discontinued years ago? Did you make any changes to it?
  5. I always thought of something like this, battles in the GenIV games were sluggish and I never really liked the back sprites or lack of animation. I'm looking forward to seeing how this turns out. Good luck!
  6. OK, I did another thing. The KaoUtil works perfectly. I got @growlithecubone's custom portraits to work (I did Kirlia's myself). And yes, I know Poochyena isn't in the starter menu, I just replaced Dunsparce's grin portrait because I'm lazy. I used GIMP's indexed mode to ensure there were no more than 16 colours. Here's what you've got to do: First put a single pixel of a colour you're not using down anywhere on the image. This is to make sure GIMP generates enough colours. Next, hit Image>Mode>Indexed, put in 16 for the Maximum No. of Colors, then
  7. Alright; I did a thing. Basically, the abilities "Run Away" and "Klutz" are completely removed from the game, and the Pokémon who did have it, now have their hidden ability instead, if it existed in Gen IV. For example, Eevee now has Adaptability and Anticipation, and Ponyta now has Flame Body and Flash Fire. I made an exception for Aipom though, as they'd lose the ability Skill Link upon evolution if I followed this rule. Note that this will make the Raticates you find in numerous dungeons quite a bit harder, not only do they no longer run away from you, but they also have Hustle wh
  8. What's interesting is, when I was using a previous version of @evandixon's save editor to edit my old EoT save, I somehow corrupted the save in such a way that when I loaded it in Desmume, all of my Pokémon except the the protagonist were gone, and in the partner's place was a Bulbasaur. If I talked to him, the game would crash. What was interesting, however is that that the NPCs referred to him as reserve_22 When I was poking around in yesterday with your StatUtil, I noticed some reserve_xx (including 22) entries after the "real" Pokémon. Does this mean that the reserves are just used fo
  9. Hmm... that's interesting. So then, Castform would have 8 entities, right? I was looking through the XMLs your Statsutil spat out, and what you've said seems to be true. Dialga and Kecleon have two entries, for obvious reasons. But what's odd is that I checked Groudon, a neuter Pokémon, and it also has two "genders", 3 and 0. I also checked Tyrogue, an all male Pokémon, and they have 1 and 0. So 1 is male, 2 is female, 3 is neuter and the secondary "gender" is set to 0 if it's not used. But where is the fake Groudon from early on in the game? Is it actually just a real Groudon at a lower
  10. So, now that we can edit graphics somewhat and edit stats and learnsets, does anyone know if the number of species of Pokémon is hardcoded, and if it is, how hard would it be to rewrite the ASM to allow for more? The 309 Pokémon added since this game came out to be exact! OK, so there probably wouldn't be much point in adding that many until we could add more dungeons for them to populate. So is the amount of dungeons hardcoded too? Does every dungeon have a unique entry in the actual code, or is all of its info just stored in a file? And then the amount of sprites that
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