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  1. I was just wondering. Is it possible to, for example, extract a save file from Pokemon Black and import it into Pokemon White on Desmume? Are the save files for both game versions in the same format to the point where I can import one save file into both games? Or does the save file from one version only work for that specific version? I'm hesitant to check for myself and find a "file corrupt" message while I'm playing.
  2. That is also false. I would not try to earn you an infraction, VGP. The user harassing VideoGamePhenom who was acting on my behalf (impersonating me), sent him this email.
  3. How can you prove if it's the same email if you aren't one of the Encyclopedia Dramatica administrators? That's where the problem stands, because if you were able to see the email address, then you'd know that it wasn't me and I never bullied VideoGamePhenom or phished his private information. That's all a rumor. It was someone else besides VideoGamePhenom who posed as me to submit that article.
  4. It still isn't me: thus why there is no proof confirming that it is, because it isn't. I never said I wanted to hack VideoGamePhenom. I just want to prove myself innocent in this matter, I'm not trying to fight with you.
  5. Actually, it is not; the admins and mods cannot check emails of wiki users on external sites, so it's impossible to prove whether or not it was me, though I know that it is not me.
  6. Again, it wasn't you who threatened or impersonated anyone. It was someone else impersonating me. I never phished any of your information.
  7. In terms of bravery, I'm trying to make sure I don't get banhammered over confusion. That was another user I am dealing with that is sending threats to my former Facebook friend VideoGamePhenom and is trying to impersonate my identity. I never said it was a prank. It should also be noted that the person sending threats to VideoGamePhenom and impersonating me also created an article on an external wiki site with the article doxxing his real name, real life profile picture stolen from Facebook, and worst of all, his street and email. VideoGamePhenom thinks I created the article, and no, I never
  8. However, the impersonator knows my real name, which is why he was pretending to be me. Just like how DramaAlert (Keemstar's YouTube channel) was impersonated in the takedown request against another person's channel while they were doing a YouTube live stream (because it leaves a field where you enter in exactly what your name will show up as on the takedown notice). The user entered it in using my real name and that's why VideoGamePhenom is trying to track this back at me (because he doesn't know how the takedown notification process works. Plus, the takedown notification is a legal process, w
  9. It was someone impersonating me submitting a copyright claim under my real name to take down VideoGamePhenom's YouTube videos (specifically, such as his Pokémon Emerald Intro video as shown above). The video above mentions nothing about my channel, because it can be any Google or email account that submits the claim.
  10. No, VideoGamePhenom did not impersonate me, it was another user that I don't know who is a troll. I would never do something wrong and intentionally show off, that's also false. Another user impersonated me and sent the wrongdoings to VideoGamePhenom. It was another anonymous troll, not VideoGamePhenom. I never knew that since you mentioned your real name who owns the channel, that you would prohibit it on YouTube. Also, in your vCard, you also clearly mention your real name and Facebook ID, which publicly revealed your name.
  11. It's easy to just replace an l (lowercase L) with an uppercase i (I), and in some fonts (such as Google), it looks identical. I did accidentally make him angry on YouTube over some confusion between something I posted to his channel but that was it, and the person taking down VideoGamePhenom's YouTube videos (which his channel is pretty much named by his username here) was the person also impersonating me in order to take down videos that the impersonator did not own the copyrights too. I have been confused with another user on the internet and I hope for this case to be cleared up soon.
  12. Actually, no, I'm not trying to hack. This was forwarded by another user pretending to be me to VideoGamePhenom over email, and he believes it. I also changed my Google password and logged out of all sessions in case it was sent from my Gmail account with a similar looking email address with l changed to I (uppercase), while the user emailing him was clearly impersonating me. The impersonator I was dealing with also harassed the user in question which caused VideoGamePhenom to block me from his Facebook. The impersonator also lied that I was trying to hack his YouTube and Facebook accounts, wh
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