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  1. I used the video description and gave just right .
  2. glicht do mew working???? catch mew???
  3. Hello.:wink: I am Brazilian and I believe the only one here who has thought that someone would think to do this .:confused: I confess that I acredtiva existed one more a group of dedicated people . It is very bold and grand size of the " feat " that are performing. We will be able to have privileged feeling of playing the full game , I believe that there are so few players who have all tickets, for years I have the feeling never complete canonical form the game.:grog::kikkoman::bidoof: Well ... well ... I have no words to thank the commitment . I do not know if I can help but I leave two links that I believe help: HERE WACTH FIRST === GBA Eon Ticket and card -reader Unboxing ! AFTER Pokemon Ruby / Sapphire - Eon Ticket [ HOW TO GET IT on the VBA ] [video=youtube;zSrLvgGbB2Y] Ahh I'm not very good at English, so I abuse the Google translator. Apologies!!!
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