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  1. can confirm most issues were gone after i used edizon instead of checkpoint, maybe some compatibility issues with checkpoint edizon works on all cfw
  2. i have seen quite a few people use a shiny victini in battlespot!! which is not released yet. i was wondering if i could do the same for magearna and use the original form? or would it be blocked.
  3. max number is 37 because it's get glitched if you use an item in game with 999 quantity, it will be 37 in quantity but won't go down
  4. so this is a magearna pk7 file that was obtained from japanese QR code. if you have a japanese 3ds, just scan the QR code with QR scanner in game. for non-japanese 3ds you can either use this pk7 or change your 3ds region. it's obtained only after elite 4, Lv50 cherish ball. it has your own OT, ID and you can nickname it. it can be picked up in game from a man standing in front antique shop in Hau'oli city QR code used to get magearna is this one >>>> https://i.imgur.com/FKVPh9K.jpg i believe it was posted on here the first.
  5. on each island look for places that have ruin of something in it something will change depending on island and the tapu you're hunting for example: tapu bulu is on ula'whatever that island is called, its in the desert area. ruins for it are called ruins of abundance
  6. i had these errors myself assuming you're running b/w number 1 reason for crash was the code being coded for b/w 2 instead of original b/w. so make sure you target the right game or you'll get incorrect codes
  7. oh that's a shame. so it doesn't work on NA version huh. side note your emulator method, could it be used on NA RBY VC versions?
  8. i noticed the wc rar also comes with pokemon red/blue/yellow preoder mew file. how does one use this file to get mew in pokemon red vc. i saw the instruction but i am confused and don't know what to do.
  9. cheers man and thank you for your work the greedy policies of the TPCI/GF prevent most of us folks from getting these events, projects like these give us hope.
  10. few questions are wc files taken from players who had the real event? also what's wrong with wc files in the unconfirmed folder? can they not be used online?
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