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  1. Hi, i'm Gustabr and like i always say ''i'm Brazilan, sorry for my bad english'' Haha, Ok Let's go. I'm using the Pkhex 7 in S/M and i see one thing that already has in the other Pkhex versions. Like the title said, the ''Mistery Gift'' and i'm try to use that... and i can't found how i import and export ''mistery gift'' has one tutorial about that?? Ok, my second question is about the limits. when i put the max of itens, the max number is 37(Why that?) - And i know that the Pkhex 7 is in your begin. It's gonna be normal after that? Thank you guys, this forum is really amazing!! Oh, before i forget one or two questions very important about the game that i have to make. 1- Is possible rematch with the Leaders or trials captains after finish the game? 2- I see some guys talk that we can be a leader or one thing like that and defend the title, is true? Well, thank you guys one more time!!
  2. Did you believe, that Pkhex is gonna be able to put/remove ''badges'' of Kahuna Leaders, Like Pkhex made in the other games? (X/y ORAS)
  3. Yes.. is the only thing i hear after passed the game :/// ok, can be a funny quest to do... But after all the game you only goes to catch UB's and make NOTHING after that. is disapointed... And about my first question, you know Something? you know as the game is not a good postgame, for me, At least good battles.
  4. After all that you have said.. You have finished the game, right? I'm playing now the Sun.. and i have several questions about that game... 1- After i finished the game, i can fight again with Trial's captain or Kahuna Leader(And randon trainers in the game.)?? 2- i've made that question many many times for the guys in various foruns, and anyone can answer me with propriety. What? What we can do of interesting after passed all the game? Thank you, bro. Ps: And here, in Brazil i have to use my 3ds Unlocked, because the price of the games it's very very expensive... One game of pokemon, is normally 360R$.
  5. Wow what you mean about that? i mean that's not good. Really, not good. Because, if i wanted one normal Meowth to evolve normal into a Persian i never can get that beacuse his only goes to Alolan form.. Not Good. In this time, i'm happy to have a Pkhex hahah(Free merchan)
  6. if Meowth evolve to Alolan form be Happiness. How to evolve to normal Persian form?
  7. So.. i'm really interested in the post-game. in data i don't found anything. Anyone here has passed the game? Because is hard to believe that after two games with nothing after the story, that's gonna repeat again. Someone, please, tells me that has only one thing really interesting to do after story
  8. So, if i understand, you really can make that, but ''isn't a proirity for now.'' So you gonna give more priority to adding another things, and foward put this sub-priority on the Pkhex, right? I Really can't wait for that!! i don't know, how many time this can be.. but is like you already say ''How do i hak'' Thnks bro!
  9. Hey Kaphotics first, sorry for my english... I'm Brazilian and i'm proud to be in this forum... Is in place that i'm learning all about using Pkhex. And i'm like to make one question about that.. This last Pkhex that has running with a 7Gen... It will be able to put/remove the badges of kahuna leaders? You know, like Gym Badges in the another generations that you can put or remove to fight again the Leader. That's can be possible in the Sun/Moon?? This version of Pkhex is limited at the time.. But is gonna have another actualizations?? In my opinion this Pkhex is amazing at the time the one and only thing that i wanted is can remove or put badges of kahuna leaders... And, agn sorry for my english, haha.. Thank you man, your work hacking this thing is great!! Ps: One more thing.. The UB's can be found in Pkhex? I can't found that.
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