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  1. When I made some changes to the text recently I noticed that the in-game gender indicators for Pokemon were much smaller and squished than they usually are. Narrowed the cause of this down to importing any kind of text, even if the gender symbols aren't changed in any way. Is it possible to fix this? I would love to make changes to text without causing the gender symbols to look really strange.
  2. If I recall correctly that was a bug caused by editing CRO files like the Starters or Static Encounters without having CFW that supported CRO editing.
  3. Ahh, that's a shame. I've got a cartridge of everything, but I'll settle for backing up my OR save and setting up RR. Thanks!
  4. Sorry to double post, but I'm interested in playing through the hack itself, as well -- is there a way that I could edit the title of the CIA so that I could two installations of Star Sapphire on my CFW?
  5. I'm a little curious about something that I searched the thread about. Stellar work, by the way! Anyway. I run A9LH on an 11.0 (current) firmware o3DSXL with Luma3DS and I'm very interested in installing Star Sapphire as a rebuilt .cia with the ability to go online and trade, mainly for the breeding enhancements available in these hacks. The problem is that I'm not sure if I can use my current Alpha Sapphire save in conjunction with the rebuilt .cia. If I'm correct, the procedure should go like this: Delete Alpha Sapphire update Create rebuilt 'legit' version .cia Install .cia. Start game. Save. Exit to a save manager, paste in my old Alpha Sapphire save over the created Star Sapphire save. Continue game like normal with the hack's benefits. To your knowledge, would this work? Tried it, it works. Awesome!
  6. EDIT: Please ignore this thread. Installed Visual Studio again, built through that, then through the other programs just fine. Something must have been missing. Sorry!
  7. Hey, just letting you know that attempting to build PKHex returns the error: \PKHeX-master\CSC: Error CS1617: Invalid option '6' for /langversion; must be ISO-1, ISO-2, 3, 4, 5 or Default (CS1617) (PKHeX) This is in both Xamarin Studio and SharpDevelop. EDIT: Please ignore this thread. Installed Visual Studio again, built through that, then through the other programs just fine. Something must have been missing. Sorry!
  8. The Important Battles Have 6 Pokemon function is really handy and it works, but in my latest attempt Roxanne ended up with a level 28. I had to level to 28 for the gym to beat it; normally I'd just make the level boost multiplier lower, but the gym leaders are disproportionately overlevelled compared to all the fights between them if you level appropriately, making the meat of the game incredibly easy. A lower multiplier would leave me with the same problem due to the extra pokemon getting progressively stronger. Is there a way to get the extra added pokemon to only be one or two levels above their strongest pokemon?
  9. No one here will help you with that as it is against site rules. Also there is no 3DS Emulator out there that can even run normal Pokemon 3DS roms. It requires Gateway.
  10. Unhandled Exception on the latest commit after trying to randomize a fresh dump with 6 pkmn + Only E4/Gym Leaders themed.
  11. Theme Gym/E4 Only option is always greyed out for me on the latest commit. :c Edit: Latest commit as of time of editing fixed the checkbox, but trying to randomize with only E4/Gym Leaders themed gave an unhandled exception. Dunno if this is relevant at this time but I thought I'd put it here just in case.
  12. Failed to build in SharpDevelop: 'pk3DS.RSTE' does not contain a definition for 'rTypeGymE4Only' (CS0117) - \pk3DS\Subforms\TrainerRand.cs:66,18
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